German Luxury Automaker BMW Files for NFT and Metaverse Trademarks

The premium automaker has registered its logo as a trademark to be used in Web3 ventures.

Dec 1, 2022
by Akira Ming
German Luxury Automaker BMW Files for NFT and Metaverse Trademarks

BMW is expanding its reign into the NFT world

German luxury automaker, BMW, has registered its logo as a trademark for its upcoming NFT and metaverse ventures. The company is diving deeper into the space after launching its Web3 projects in recent years. 

According to trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis, these filings were submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) by BMW on November 25th, signaling plans for NFTs, virtual vehicles, digital environments, and more. 

To list, the company's applications cover goods and services as below:  

  • Downloadable multimedia files with vehicles, vehicle parts, vehicle accessories, clothing, footwear, and more authenticated by NFTs;
  • Downloadable computer programs with vehicles, headgear, and more for use in virtual and extended reality environments;
  • Virtual goods;
  • Computer games;
  • Simulators to simulate land vehicles operation;
  • Virtual reality headsets and glasses;
  • Online retail store services related to virtual vehicles; and 
  • Entertainment services in virtual environments. 

About BMW's Web3 ventures

This is not the first time BMW made headlines in the nascent space. In 2021, the company unveiled JOYTOPIA, a virtual platform built from scratch for people to explore during IAA Mobility 2021. 

In February, it decided to preserve the noise of its engine roars within the "Museum of Sound" NFT collection. It then unveiled The BMW iX1 Metaverse, a virtual space for guests to explore the new BMW iX1 in surreal dreams.

Other automakers in Web3

Just one month ago, Nissan submitted five trademark applications claiming plans for NFTs and NFT marketplaces. Other automakers took the same approach, with Ford filing for several Web3 trademarks and Hyundai doing the same for its Genesis Crest. 

Big names in the auto world are not getting left out too. In August, Formula One filed two trademarks for its Las Vegas Strip Circuit, claiming plans for NFTs, crypto, and more. 

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