Get Ready to Represent your Team with NFL Rarity League NFTs

NFL Rivals is adopting Rarity League NFTs to the platform. The NFT blockchain game is presented by NFL and Mythical Games.

Sep 2, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Get Ready to Represent your Team with NFL Rarity League NFTs

Rarity League NFTs are officially licensed, and the initial release also allows the LA Rams and Cincinnati Bengals fans to represent their teams.

First Drop to Happen in the Super Bowl Final

The Super Bowl final between LA Rams and Cincinnati Bengals was on 30th August. These NFTs represent generative art and are a collection of unique helmets associated with the game. The 5000 helmets NFTs are up for sale at 0.14 ETH each on the Rarity League website.

Anyone can buy these NFTs with a credit card having any sort of fiat currency. Once the minting is over, the owners will get to view the NFTs, which was at 1 PM EST on the same day after sales close.

Users can also buy these NFTs from secondary marketplaces like OpenSea and SuperRare.

NFTs of Every Team on the Block

The NFL has 32 teams on its roster, and after the initial drop, fans of all the teams can purchase NFTs of their team. Each team will have over 2500 NFTs each during launch. There are different varieties of NFTs sorted according to their rarity, and they also include 500 notable traits. These can be team-specific traits, limited backgrounds, and animations.

Also, NFL Rivals will adopt the entire Rarity League collection. The owners of these NFTs can access passes to special events, in-game rewards, and other perks. Also, users purchasing multiple Rarity League collectibles in a single drop will receive rare Founders Edition NFL player-based NFTs. The users can also use rare NFTs while playing the game.

About NFL Rivals

NFL Rivals is a blockchain game created by the NFL league and Mythical Games. The players can collect, upgrade, and trade NFL players in the game to build a dream team. The game can also be played in arcade style. There are special events, leaderboards, and several other in-game elements providing immersive experiences.

The full version of the game isn’t released yet. The players can only engage with the beta version or check the beta release. There is, however, a roadmap available for everyone to see.

Besides associating with NFL and NFL players, other investors of the NFL Rivals include OneTeam, FTX, and Binance Labs.

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