Global Vogue Explores the Meta-Ocean Universe to Showcase Digital Talents

Vogue Meta-Ocean, a metaverse experience, was recently introduced in the Global Vogue title. Given that, Vogue Meta-Ocean features the work of 24 artists selected by editorial teams from various Vogue magazines around the world.

Oct 3, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Global Vogue Explores the Meta-Ocean Universe to Showcase Digital Talents

The experience features an underwater and above-water world with the works of 24 artists chosen by editorial teams from worldwide Vogue editions such as:

  • Australia, 
  • India, 
  • China, 
  • Latin America, 
  • Japan, and 
  • Mexico.

Digital pieces and sculptures inspired by page covers of Vogue September editions and digital fashion are among the works inside the oceanic metaverse experience, with more artists and art added progressively.

Vogue China launched the Vogue Meta-Ocean to expand on a previous metaverse invention named Infni+ (pronounced Infinity), an avatar that invites the cover of a subsidiary publication called Vogue +. Cattin Tsai, a Chinese digital artist, created Infni+ using Epic Games' Unreal Engine, and its background was created by a collective of Chinese authors, poets, painters, and virtual avatar talents.

Tsai was the guest editor of Vogue China's June edition and contributed pieces inspired by marine life to raise awareness about ocean conservation.

According to Vogue China editor-in-chief Margaret Zhang, the Meta-Ocean was built to contain Infni+, which would expand the avatar's idea beyond the pages of Vogue.

Subject to regulatory approval,  Meta-Ocean intends to sell digital collectables and NFTs in collaboration with the premium NFT platform TRLab to encourage ocean awareness and literacy.

Future Plans

In partnership with the luxurious NFT platform TRLab, future worldwide plans for the Meta-Ocean include the introduction of additional writers and works and selling digital assets, including NFTs (where authorised by law), to fund projects that increase ocean awareness and literacy.

Magazine publishers have always chosen unique artworks and clothes, and this initiative extends that approach to the newly developing metaverse and Web3 domains. It may receive confusion or scepticism from users devoted to the conventional. But digital artists only achieve success with the fusion of the extraordinary with the ordinary.

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