Gods Unchained Introduces New Rotating Game Modes

Gods Unchained is bringing a new level of excitement to its platform with the introduction of Rotating Game Modes, including the Chaos Constructed mode, which allows players to build their decks with cards from all domains.

Jul 8, 2023
by Anvi Saini
Gods Unchained Introduces New Rotating Game Modes

Gods Unchained Amplifies Excitement with New Rotating Game Modes

In a move set to revolutionize the gameplay experience, Gods Unchained, a popular blockchain-based game, has announced the introduction of Rotating Game Modes. These new modes, designed to reshape the arena and inject fresh life into the gameplay, mark an exciting development in the game's evolution.

Gods Unchained is not just introducing one or two new game modes; about a dozen different modes are in the pipeline. This includes the "Sealed Mode," a unique gameplay style that's sure to intrigue players. 

These modes will be available for a limited time, adding an element of exclusivity and making them highly desirable. Based on player feedback, the most popular ones will be brought back into the rotation more frequently, ensuring the gameplay remains dynamic and engaging.

Among the new game modes, the first to be introduced is Chaos Constructed. This mode is a game-changer, removing all domain restrictions and allowing all cards to be fair game. This freedom pushes players' creativity to its limits and is expected to change the game's meta beyond recognition.

In Chaos Constructed, the deck-building rules of normal game modes like Ranked or Casual are thrown out the window. Players can choose any card from any domain to build their deck, offering unprecedented freedom in strategy and gameplay. The only constant is that players still need to choose their God, maintaining a semblance of the traditional gameplay structure.

Deckbuilder: A Revamped Tool

To accommodate these new game modes and enhance the user experience, the developers have made significant changes to the Deckbuilder. This tool, now more user-friendly for both new and existing users, offers a better overview of the deck being built.

The new Deckbuilder is designed to support the new game modes effectively. It automatically shows the cards that can or can't be used depending on the selected mode, removing any guesswork for the players. Additionally, it features more powerful filtering options, giving players more control during the deckbuilding process and making it easier to strategize.

A New Chapter of Excitement in Gods Unchained

The introduction of Rotating Game Modes marks a new chapter in the Gods Unchained saga. Each mode offers something new and fun for the players, promising a fresh wave of excitement and creativity. The Gods Unchained team eagerly awaits player feedback on these new additions, committed to continuous improvement and enhancement of the gaming experience.

With these new additions, Gods Unchained is set to become an even more dynamic and engaging platform for players worldwide. The future of blockchain-based gaming looks brighter than ever, and Gods Unchained is leading the charge.

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