Gods Unchained Releases Analysis for Daily Play & Earn Feature

Daily Play & Earn will allow players to earn Fragments when playing games daily, and Gods Unchained has provided a comprehensive calculation to help users understand the feature.

Jun 9, 2022
by Michael
Gods Unchained Releases Analysis for Daily Play & Earn Feature

Gods Unchained has introduced some details on its game's Daily Play & Earn feature. This announcement is coming weeks after it launched Shine Fusing, a feature that allows players to forge low-ranking cards to get more rewarding cards.

Daily Play & Earn is a feature that will allow players to earn points called Fragments from the games they win. In this feature, players have just ten games to play per day, and the number of fragments they gather will depend on the number of games won on that day. If the first three games are won, the player will be rewarded with a bonus. At the end of each day, players will earn GODS tokens depending on the fraction of Fragments they won to that of the other players.

The number of fragments a player can earn in a game depends on two modifiers: the Gameplay Modifier and the Collection Modifier. In the Gameplay Modifier, earnings depend on a player's present rank and the player's ability to win games, although the balance is tilted more to the latter. The highest rank a player can reach is 12.

In the Collection Modifier, earnings depend on the quality of cards used. The value increases just the same way as the requirements in the Forge. Thus, a Plain card is worth 0 points, a Meteorite is worth 1 point, a Shadow card is worth 5, a Gold card is worth 25, and a Diamond is worth 125 points. There are also bonus points for the lowest cards in a deck. For example, Meteorite, Shadow, and Gold have a bonus of 0.15, 0.2, and 0.25, respectively. Diamond doesn't have any bonus points because it is the highest card.

Calculation example

  • Gameplay Modifier
  • Player rank: 9
  • Win streak: Yes
  • Gameplay Modifier: 0.405 + 0.09 = 0.495

Collection Modifier

  • Deck composition: 2 Diamond, 2 Gold, 10 shadows, 16 Meteorite
  • Deck Value = (Card Quantity x Card Quality Value)
  • Deck Value = (2 x 125) + (2 x 25) + (10 x 5) + (15 x 1) = 365
  • Normalized Deck Value = Deck Value / Full Diamond Deck Value
  • Normalized Deck Value = 365/3750 = 0.097
  • Collection Modifier = Normalized Deck Value x (1 – Minimum Quality Boost) + Minimum Quality Boost
  • Collection Modifier = 0.097 x (1 – 0.15) + 0.15 = 0.23245

Collection Modifier = 23.245%

This simple calculation is based on the data provided by the game. More modifications may come as they continue to work on the Daily Play & Earn feature.

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