Gods Unchained Rolls Out Content Creator Program

Gods Unchained, a notable entity in the Web3 gaming sector, has introduced its new Content Creator Program, aiming to integrate and celebrate the talents of content creators within its community.

Oct 17, 2023
by Anvi Saini
Gods Unchained Rolls Out Content Creator Program

Gods Unchained Introduce the Content Creator Program

Gods Unchained a player, in the Web3 gaming world recently launched its exciting Content Creator Program. This designed initiative aims to invite and incorporate storytellers, artists and visionaries by providing them with a dedicated platform to showcase their unique skills.

The program is especially beneficial for those who are new to the Gods Unchained and Eucos universe. Its main goal is not to discover but to appreciate and reward the creative efforts of these individuals. Successful participants can expect their creations to gain recognition across channels such as social media, blogs and even within the game itself.

Distinctive Features and Benefits of the Program

Once applicants are accepted into the program, they will have the opportunity to communicate with the game development team, through Eclipse, which serves as the Community Manager. The role of Eclipse is crucial as it ensures that participants receive support and recognition for their contributions. This leads to an integration of their creations within the gaming community. To be part of this initiative enthusiasts can simply fill out an application form.

The program is currently, in the process of recruiting. Also, it is accepting applications for one week before finally closing. After that, a careful evaluation will take place. Those who are selected will be notified to begin their journey. Being part of this program has its advantages, for those involved, such as:

1. Compensation in the form of $GODS tokens and additional advantages within the game.
2. Opportunities to collaborate with known content creators.
3. Promotion through God Unchained social media channels.
4. Access to information about in-game updates.
5. A close partnership with the team.

For those who see this opportunity aligning with their aspirations now is the time to take action. Whether you have a passion for creating content an interest in Web2 or Web3 gaming or a deep understanding of TCG card games this program could be your path, to reaching heights.

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