Gods Unchained Unleashes 1 Million $GODS as Staking Rewards for Holders

Finally, token holders can claim a share of the 1 million $GODS staking reward pool offered by Gods Unchained.

Aug 5, 2022
by Akira Ming
Gods Unchained Unleashes 1 Million $GODS as Staking Rewards for Holders

More than 1 million $GODS are claimable by token stakers

Starting from August 2022, $GODS stakers will receive $GODS rewards as a percentage of the number of tokens they staked. Dubbed Offering of the $GODS, the team of Gods Unchained will distribute more than 1 million $GODS to eligible players in two reward pools. 

The first to go is the Surprise Rewards pool, which makes up about 33% of the 1 million $GODS allocated by Gods Unchained. In this reward pool, 355k $GODS are available as staking rewards to mortals (a.k.a. players) who held $GODS tokens from December 1st, 2021, to June 12th, 2022. A total of 28 weekly snapshots were taken during this period. 

Next, players can also earn from the Ongoing Rewards pool, which consists of 734k $GODS tokens in total. This reward pool began on June 13th, 2022, as a continuation of the Surprise Rewards pool. Similarly, weekly snapshots were taken, with the rewards set to be delivered monthly at the end of each claim period. 

Out of the 1 million $GODS allocated, 54% of them act as staking rewards for the first month of Ongoing Rewards. These tokens are now claimable as well. The Ongoing Rewards will last until October 12th, 2022. So those who missed out will still have time to stake their $GODS and receive free tokens next month. 

How to qualify for Offering of the $GODS? 

To be eligible for staking rewards, you must hold $GODS tokens in your Immutable X wallet, linked to Gods Unchained. AND perform one of the following actions during the reward period:

  • Play at least one game of Gods Unchained OR;
  • Create a new NFT through the Forge at least once OR;
  • Purchase at least one Expansion Pack from the Gods Unchained website OR;
  • Purchase or Sell a Gods Unchained card at least once in any marketplace running on the Immutable X platform. 

Gods Unchained vowed to keep on providing immense value to players in its latest State of the Economy report. Given that, the issuance of staking rewards is believed to be one of the team's initiatives to achieve this goal. If you think this is a game not to be missed in Web3, make sure to watch out for any Gods Unchained tournaments held regularly in partnership with PlaytoEarn.net!

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