Guild Wars Unleashed: Alpha 3 Unveils Epic Event to Determine Kerberos' Top Guild

A Showdown of Champions: Guilds Clash in PvP and XP Battles on the Virtual Battlefield.

Aug 15, 2023
by Michael
Guild Wars Unleashed: Alpha 3 Unveils Epic Event to Determine Kerberos' Top Guild

A monumental moment dawns within the gaming realm as the curtains rise on the highly anticipated Guild Wars event, the third installment of Alpha 3. Collaborating with esteemed partner guilds and early supporters, a unique spectacle unfurls—a fervent battle to ascertain the preeminent guild reigning supreme over the domain of Kerberos.

As the event unfurls, it ushers forth two key competitions: one rooted in PvP kills and the other measured by XP accumulation. The cumulative scores of each guild's pledged players shall serve as the compass directing the way toward victorious guilds in these pivotal categories. Endeared players, akin to contract mercenaries, will temporarily align themselves with a guild, adding a dynamic twist to the competitive landscape. The entirety of this weekend's gameplay statistics shall be meticulously recorded to immortalize this monumental affair.

How to Partake and Pledge to a Guild:

  • For the duration of the event weekend, players will have the privilege of selecting their guild allegiance from a league comprising Merit Circle, YGG, Ancient8, Perion DAO, Quimera, IndiGG, AMG, Ethlizards, or Avocado DAO.
  • A swift mark of allegiance can be etched through the concise guild pledge form for the event. This allegiance remains ephemeral and exclusively pertains to the event and scoring. Players need not formally commit to the guild beyond this event—simply explore each guild's attributes and select the one that resonates.

Unveiling the Battlefield and Player Rewards:

A remarkable facet of this event emerges in its faction-agnostic nature. Regardless of faction affiliation (be it Gear Breakers, Holy Corp, or Metal Punks), players can persist within their preferred factions. Notably, the event's data recording shall be executed in accordance with pledged guilds, rather than faction choices.

The crowning glory of this event manifests in player rewards. Individuals enlisted under the banners of the top three guilds in each category shall be entitled to bonus points—an enticing prelude to an impending incentive program that awaits with eager anticipation.

Event Nitty-Gritty:

  • Event Launch: August 18, 9 PM ET
  • Event Closure: August 20, 3 PM ET
  • Venue: Live Alpha Servers
  • To Pledge: Click Here
  • Install Codes: Click Here

The Road Ahead: A Farewell to Gear:

Enthusiasts are advised to embrace the Guild Wars event with unmatched vigor. Indications point toward a prospective global server wipe of player data on the live Alpha servers—a preparatory stride for the final Alpha event and ensuing Beta. Guild Wars thus stands as a poignant reminder—a final hurrah to wield and cherish the War Machines and infantry units amassed during the ongoing live Alpha events.

The Pioneering Guilds:

Amidst this immersive tapestry of competition, an assemblage of pioneering guilds fuels the fervor:

  • Merit Circle: Championing blockchain-powered gaming and community.
  • YGG: Propelling blockchain gaming and embracing web3 technology.
  • Ancient8: Laying the bedrock for Web3 Gaming infrastructure.
  • Perion DAO: Spearheading the shift toward Web3.0 gaming.
  • Quimera: Fostering a welcoming haven for diverse gamers.
  • IndiGG: Nurturing a Gaming DAO that transcends closed ecosystems.
  • AMG DAO: Catering to the Central & Eastern European web3 gaming niche.
  • Ethlizards: A nexus of innovation within the Web3 gaming sphere.
  • Avocado DAO: Enriching blockchain gaming and the metaverse ecosystem.

As the Guild Wars unfolds, players chart their course within this dynamic arena, celebrating the advent of a thrilling era in the Kerberos landscape.

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