Gunfire Polygon Launches Mega Endless Tournament Season 3 with $10k in Prizes

This time, the tournament will run for five days, featuring a prize pool of up to $10,000 in MATIC.

Sep 20, 2022
by Akira Ming
Gunfire Polygon Launches Mega Endless Tournament Season 3 with $10k in Prizes

Gunfire Polygon is having its largest tournament ever

Auto NFT shooter game Gunfire Polygon has launched Mega Endless Tournament Season 3 with a prize pool of up to $10,000 in MATIC. According to the team, it is the largest tournament ever since the game's launch in August.

Starting from now until September 24th, 11 AM (UTC), everyone can download Gunfire Polygon to their Android devices. Players will need to create an account with Oxalus ID before buying Endless Tickets (1 MATIC each) to join the tournament. 

To be eligible for rewards, players must clear at least 5 floors in Gunfire Polygon. The prize pool, however, will only grow as more players join the event. According to Gunfire, they will contribute the first $1,000 to the prize pool before adding $1,000 for every 3,000 players signed up for the game. 

As of writing, there are only 1,082 players in the tourney. So, the reward pool is still sitting at $1,000. Those who want to unlock the $10k prize pool will need to invite more friends to join the fun. 

But as a bonus though, Gunfire Polygon is giving away 1x free NFT Auto Handgun for every player joining the tournament. If interested, you can always claim yours by following the instructions below: 

Don't miss the Daily Quests!

Other than that, there are Daily Quests along with the Mega Endless Tournament as well. Participants can earn Gold, GUNX, extra tickets, and more by achieving the daily targets below: 

  • 20/9: Enter Endless Tournament. End time: Sept 21st, 3 AM (UTC). Rules: Start playing The Mega Endless Tournament. Reward: 15 GOLD for each gunner on the leaderboard.
  • 21/9: Pass 5 floors. End time: Sept 22nd, 3 AM (UTC). Rules: Finish the first 5 floors in the game (Reach the 6th floor to be qualified). Reward: 25 GOLD + 20 GUNX for each qualified gunner on the leaderboard.
  • 22/9: Reach your highest floor. End time: Sept 23rd, 3 AM (UTC). Rules: Just reach the highest floor as you can before Sept 23rd, 3 AM (UTC). Reward (in GOLD) = Your highest floor x 5. 
  • 23/9: Bump up the prize pool. End time: Sept 24th, 3 AM (UTC). Rules: If the total prize pool reaches 2,000 MATIC before the end time, all gunners on the leaderboard will receive a reward. Reward: Free 1 ticket for all the gunners on the leaderboard.
  • 24/9: Happy Ticket Day! End time: Sep 25th, 3 AM (UTC). Rules: Buy at least 10 tickets per transaction. Reward: Free 2 tickets (for next season) per 10 tickets in one transaction. 

What is Gunfire Polygon? 

In short, Gunfire Polygon is an iteration of the Gunfire gaming metaverse on Polygon. The project first started with Gunfire Hero on BSC before expanding to Avalanche and later to Polygon in August. 

Regardless of which, all Gunfire titles are free-to-play, mobile NFT combat shooter games with automated firing mechanics. Players only need to control the character's movement to wipe out monsters, as seen in the footage below. 

Apart from earning MATIC or AVAX directly from Endless Tournaments, players can also earn GUNX, the official token of Gunfire AVAX and Gunfire Polygon. Though GUNX is not listed yet, players can already earn them in various ways:  

  1. Refer friends to join the game: Referrer gets 10 GUNX, and the referee receives 6 GUNX. 
  2. Taking part in PvE game mode: Earn 1 GUNX for every 45 stamina consumed. 
  3. Taking part in Endless Tournaments: Earn 1 GUNX for every 1 Endless ticket consumed.
  4. Chest purchase: Earn 1 GUNX per each chest purchased. 

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