Habbo Game Wants To Keep Using NFTs without Adding Crypto Terms

The web game will abandon NFT terminologies for more straightforward and relatable terms.

Oct 22, 2023
by Michael
Habbo Game Wants To Keep Using NFTs without Adding Crypto Terms

Habbo has announced it will stop using 'Habbo NFT' for its products and instead go for 'Habbo Collectibles.' This is in a bid to discontinue its use of crypto industry jargon. 

Habbo Will Use Simpler Technology Terms

The gaming platform entered the limelight in 2022, two decades after releasing a better visual riff on chat rooms. This approach didn't go well with their fans, just as what happened to Neopets.

However, Habbo is not going to ignore NFT terms but will start explaining them more. 

The gaming platform, via a post, said, 

"To make it easier for current and prospective players to understand what Habbo Collectibles are about—collecting and trading items in Habbo—in the majority of our marketing and communications, we'll be moving away from jargon like 'NFT,' 'Web3,' and 'blockchain,' etc."

This development is not only limited to Habbo and Neopets but has been adopted by several other brands who have left NFT terms and referred to products as digital collectibles. 

Reddit, a global messaging platform, calls its NFTs Collectibles Avatars and rarely uses crypto jargon in its communications.

Details Of Habbo Avatars 

Habbo NFT avatars (Habbo Avatars, Habbo Portrait, and Habbo X Room) are usually created using the Ethereum mainnet, while minor collections like digital furniture are created using the Ethereum scaling network, Immutable X.  Owners of the over 11k NFT avatars have access to a premium Habbo Hostel server known as Habbo X. Secondary market prices begin at $275 (0.1 ETH) on the OpenSea marketplace.

The company has, however, said the change will not be drastic. For example, the branding will be exclusive to its Twitter account and Discord server for now.

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