HELIX P2E Metaverse Game Introduces this Month's Exciting List of Events

HeELIX is planning to make blockchain gaming exciting again. Ultimately, it will be an NFT-powered Web2 gaming experience.

Nov 17, 2022
by Anvi Saini
HELIX P2E Metaverse Game Introduces this Month's Exciting List of Events

According to the HELIX metaverse, current blockchain games lose players rapidly due to unsustainable economies and unappealing visuals. Given that,  HELIX has spent the previous 18 months refining a fun first element that is powered by the blockchain.

Alpha Launch

This month, HELIX will open its servers to Founder Pass holders. In addition, holders will have early access to HELIX in order to acquire EA-exclusive items that will never be made available to the general public.

The Game Plan

HELIX desires to launch the game with a significant rollout. The team is glad to have a completed and ready-to-play game. In conjunction with the launch, there will be a number of surprises and triggers.

Fun First Strategy

HELIX aims to equip creators with the tools necessary to design their ideal Metaverse. The team adore GTA gameplay but want to give players the ability to construct, create, and manage their assets as well. Overall, Parallel City will provide players with a creative and entertaining centre experience.

Commitments on the Roadmap

The blockchain game has completed two in-game airdrops, both of which are usable within the game.
For now, HELIX will continue to provide holders with exclusive in-game content. Holders will soon play a significant role in the development of the game, as its public release approaches.

Additionally, HELIX is supported by a AAA team from Activision, Rockstar, and Ubisoft.  It can develop and tailor the game to the desires of the community. They intend to outline the game's development on the decisions of its players.

Cross Compatibility 

The gaming metaverse will function as a portal for Web3 communities to play a fun blockchain game. It has already offered several in-game assets to NFT communities. For its Web2 partners, HELIX seeks to construct a token-gated building and in-game structures.


Hypersonic Laboratories is a venture-backed company, which means that the game's financial future is secure. Furthermore, HELIX has the potential to forever alter blockchain gaming. So, has the age of repetitive and unsustainable games ended? We'll see that in the Parallel City of HELIX.

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