Hero Blaze takes the Three Kingdoms Franchise to a Global Level

Binance Chain's Hero Blaze is a free-to-play mobile RPG. Hero Blaze was one of the first mobile play-to-earn games in Korea and was a hit. Their team is ready to launch in Asia, South and North America, and Europe.

Oct 11, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Hero Blaze takes the Three Kingdoms Franchise to a Global Level

Hero Blaze takes place in a fantasy universe where players may acquire and train hundreds of generals via various systems such as combination and promotion, equipment upgrades, general summons, and more.

Trained generals then assist players in forming powerful teams to battle effectively in the game environment or with competitors by using team combination, formation effects and general abilities.

It's a game that promotes progressive and intriguing action-packed gaming, casual and simple game control, rapid growth, and so on.

The Ecosystem of Hero Blaze

There are nearly 200 distinct generals with varying abilities that players can collect through gaming prizes, summoning, and combining to develop new tactics. Furthermore, generals are levelled and trained by collecting skill upgrade stones, EXP Books, and general fragments, as well as upgrading and equipping equipment through the Blacksmith. Overall, alliances, and contribute to an ever-changing, dynamic ecosystem.

How do you play and make money in Hero Blaze?

  • To begin playing Hero Blaze, users must first download the game from Apple Google Play or App Store.
  • Furthermore, since the play-to-earn platform is constructed on the Binance chain, participants must create a Binance chain wallet to engage with the site and retrieve their $MUDOL2 tokens.
  • MUDOL Stones may be obtained in a variety of methods. By simply playing the game and having a great time, users may acquire MUDOL Stones from various game content.
  • $MUDOL2 is the utility token and is already traded on controlled exchanges like MEXC Global and Huobi Global. Aside from purchasing $MUDOL2 on these two centralised exchanges, there are a few more methods to increase your $MUDOL2 holdings.

What's next?

Hero Blaze is constantly evolving, from minor updates and upgrades to the gameplay mechanics for smooth interaction to major changes and additions that will ensure a long-lasting and sustainable ecosystem.

Hero Blaze: Three Kingdom's service area will be expanded to include Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Europe, South America, and North America. The Hero Blaze is already in use in Korea as well as other Asian countries such as Vietnam and the Philippines.

After setting a record by claiming the top spot on the Apple Appstore and Google Play during its initial launch, they hope to repeat the feat with the Global launch.

As one of the few projects making the transition to cryptocurrency as simple as possible, Hero Blaze is about to set a new precedent. Pre-registration is currently open and will be accompanied by a rewarding event, which will undoubtedly attract a large number of non-crypto users (i.e., loyal, hardcore gamers).

Spend some time exploring and learning more about how Hero Blaze is not only creating a fun and progressive gaming ecosystem but also one that is sustainable, which is where most play-and-earn games fail. Check out the official website and follow the project on Twitter for the most up-to-date information.

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