Hexacore Raises $3.5 Million For Pocket Space Launch

Pocket Space represents the expansion of Hexacore into the Web3 gaming industry.

Oct 14, 2023
by Michael
Hexacore Raises $3.5 Million For Pocket Space Launch

Hexacore, a Dubai-based mobile game developer, has recently landed a substantial funding of $3.5 million to expand its influence in web3 mobile gaming. The round was led by Scalo Technologies, a prominent tech venture company in Dubai, and backed by investors such as Xsolla and Estoty, and it underscores the escalating interest in the burgeoning sector of web3 gaming.

History of Hexacore 

The inception of Hexacore dates back to 2022, when Mikita Khazau, Dzianis Krupski, Yuri Zaytsev, and Aleksandr Krivolap partnered to create the company. Leveraging their extensive expertise in mobile gaming, the team has made ambitious targets for their latest venture, building upon their previous achievements at Apps Hub, where they recorded a revenue of $14 million and garnered over 350 million downloads.

The newly acquired investment will not only facilitate the growth of Hexacore but also propel the advancement of a hybrid monetization strategy designed for mobile games.

Pocket Space Will Incorporate NFTs

According to the CEO of Hexacore, Mikita Khazau, their flagship project, Pocket Space, is influenced by renowned games such as My Little Universe and Brawl Stars. Set within an expansive universe of planets, Pocket Space presents diverse game modes to its players. Hexacore has also crafted a distinctive economic framework for its in-game currency and commissions designated for planet proprietors.

Pocket Space has assured players of engaging multiplayer modes and asset ownership functionalities, plus a specialized marketplace facilitating the exchange of in-game assets for currency. The game will unveil its community during the last quarter of 2023, followed by a soft launch in the latter half of 2024 and a worldwide release in 2025. 

Hexacore will also broaden the influence of its gaming intellectual property (IP) by venturing into multiple platforms and media, encompassing cartoons, books, toys, and apparel. 

Hexacore Is Dedicated To Web3 Games

Hexacore also noted that the policies of Apple and Google concerning web3 games in their app stores are subject to continual modifications, potentially presenting obstacles to the expansion of web3 gaming. Nevertheless, Khazau is optimistic that there will be a shift in policies to mirror the positive sentiment.

Khazau mentioned that granting genuine ownership to web3 players can lead to increased engagement, increased lifetime value (LTV), and augmented long-term revenue from players. Despite certain reservations about NFTs in the Western market due to market fluctuations, Khazau is hopeful that a combination of compelling games and accessibility will spur NFT engagement.

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