How Illuvium Avoided Gas Wars during its First Land Sale: Here's the scoop

Early this month, Illuvium sold 20,000 NFT plots without any gas wars. In this article, we will explore a few tricks the team used to cut down the gas fees.

Jun 28, 2022
by Akira Ming
How Illuvium Avoided Gas Wars during its First Land Sale: Here's the scoop

How did Illuvium avoid gas wars during its first land sale? 

Early this month, Illuvium sold 20,000 plots of NFT lands without any gas wars. In fact, each plot only cost around $10 - 15 for gas. What's more, only a few buyers lost their gas fees due to failed transactions. According to Illuvium, there are many ways to achieve this remarkable feat. So, here are a few notable ones to take note of!

1. All hail Immutable X (IMX)

First off, Illuvium claimed that Immutable X had played a major role to help reduce gas fees. Although land purchases took place on Ethereum L1, the NFT minting process took place on IMX which cost zero gas fee. If the entire process were to occur purely on Ethereum, it would have cost hundreds or thousands of dollars in gas to mint an NFT. 

2. Optimizing the land sale contract

Other than that, the team chose to optimize the land sale contract by storing the pre-mint and post-purchase data elsewhere. 

How it works is that, instead of keeping the pre-mint data in the contract, the team stored the data in the backend. After that, they let buyers pass the data into the contract via the Illuvium website. To ensure the data are correct, the team first constructed a Merkle tree of the pre-mint data. Then, the Merkle proof of each node (plot) was stored together with the pre-mint data in the backend. After that, only the Merkle Root was stored in the contract to help validate data from buyers. 

On the other hand, the post-purchase data are not stored in the contract as well. Instead, the team came up with a view function on the contract, which will generate the land site data deterministically when given a seed value stored on-chain. 

3. Avoid losing gas fees due to failed transactions

Lastly, we all know that failed transactions will still incur gas fees. This is especially so when buyers submit multiple transactions for the same token, thinking that the previous transactions did not go through. More often than not, this will result in failed transactions, causing buyers to lose their gas fees. 

To prevent this, the team had set up a “Pending Transaction” function to warn buyers from buying the same NFT multiple times. If the buyer has a pending transaction that is likely to succeed, the function will block all subsequent attempts to purchase the same NFT. However, each plot could only stay pending for a limited time. This is to avoid any bad actors from taking advantage. 

All in all, these are some of the measures that Illuvium took to prevent gas wars during the land sale. If interested, you can always check out the full list for more. 

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