How to Play Big Time: A Multiplayer Blockchain RPG

With a cosmetic-based economy and procedurally generated environments, Big Time has captured the hearts and minds of gamers around the world. Let's take a look at how anyone can dive into its immersive gameplay and be part of the Big Time's creator economy.

Sep 22, 2023
by Akira Ming
How to Play Big Time: A Multiplayer Blockchain RPG

What is Big Time and how to get started in this MMO

Big Time, a multiplayer action RPG, is making waves in the blockchain gaming scene with its immersive gameplay and cosmetic-based economy. Players can travel through time and space, defeat enemies, and beat dungeons to collect in-game tokens and collectibles.  

Big Time is now available in Early Access and will be free to play upon release. Those who want to play the game right now can do so by purchasing a Gold, Silver, or Jade Pass from OpenSea or Big Time's in-house marketplace, Open Loot. Some of the perks of holding these Passes include increased NFT drops as well as additional time in-game before the global launch. To enter the game, players only need to redeem their Access Pass on its official website and download the game launcher upon redemption. 

How does Big Time work? 

In this expansive world, players will take on the role of a time traveler, summoned to the end of the universe to fight the final battle to prevent history from crumbling into nothingness. Gamers can always fight in the playstyle that best suits them, with four character classes to choose from: Time Warrior, Chronomancer, Shadowblade, and Quantum Fixer. Each adventure in Big Time will never be the same, as they are procedurally generated to create new environments, enemies, and objectives. 

As players venture into Portals to defeat enemies and complete different goals, they'll earn limited edition collectibles and level up to unlock new content and storyline. There are 2 types of collectibles: 

i) Cosmetic Collectibles, which include cosmetic skins for weapons and gear that can be found in-game but do not influence user stats. 

ii) Utility Collectibles such as SPACE, Time Wardens, Forges, Armories, and Hourglasses that allow players to engage in the in-game creator economy. 

About Big Time's virtual economy

Unlike traditional RPGs, Big Time allows players to build their virtual economy by taking part in various aspects of the game. This is achieved with a "Cosmetic-Based Economy," where players are empowered to craft cosmetics and control the creation and selling of in-game items. 

To engage in the creator economy, you must first acquire SPACE, a virtual plot in Big Time, and a Utility Collectible such as an Armory, Forge, or Time Warden. Equipping your SPACE with one of these Utilities will allow you to craft in-game assets, which are tradeable on Open Loot. 

Time Wardens allow holders to craft Hourglasses, which will generate $BIGTIME, the main utility token of Big Time. $BIGTIME tokens are required to craft, refine, and upgrade collectibles at the Forge and Armory, as well as access Prestige Portals, which are special gateways to in-game battles with higher drop rates for Time Crystals, $BIGTIME, Cosmetic Shards, Bonus Roll Chips, and in-game skins. 

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Other ways to play and earn

There are many ways to explore Big Time's diverse gameplay and get rewarded for doing so. Free-to-play users can engage with non-exclusive game content with no power disadvantages. At the same time, collectors can acquire a vast collection of cosmetic skins and engage with exclusive portals for greater rewards. Hourglass farmers, on the other hand, can provide $BIGTIME tokens to the ecosystem, while Utility Collectible owners can sell craftable cosmetics and hourglass services. 

The seasonal gameplay of Big Time

It should be noted that Big Time follows a seasonal content release cadence. Each Season runs for about 90 days and will include the following features:

  • New craftable & non-craftable cosmetic items. 
  • New seasonal cosmetic shards & refined cosmetic shards. 
  • Special events and new gameplay. 

Throughout the season, each gamer will play a role by providing Cosmetic Shards, $BIGTIME tokens, or low-rarity items to create unique cosmetics and win the race. This will happen as part of a special event called "Race to the Unique," where players will work together to craft exclusive items for each line of craftable cosmetics. 

By creating a sense of ownership and a thriving virtual economy, Big Time has the potential to attract mainstream gamers, establishing itself as a leader in the Web3 gaming scene. Be sure to check out this post to learn more about Big Time and how its inflation-proof economy could transform the blockchain gaming industry.  

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