How to Play Champions Arena: A Turn-Based RPG on Gala Games

Champions Arena, a blockchain RPG by ONEUNIVERSE and Gala Games, is making waves with its compelling and rewarding gameplay. Here's how to get started in this fantasy world with little to no investment.

Sep 25, 2023
by Akira Ming
How to Play Champions Arena: A Turn-Based RPG on Gala Games

What is Champions Arena? 

Created by South Korean developer ONEUNIVERSE, Champions Arena is one of the free-to-play, turn-based RPGs on Gala Games. The fantasy blockchain title is now available for Android, iOS, and Windows PC, featuring trading card gameplay, gacha features, and NFTs.

Players can collect over 100 unique NFT Champions and in-game assets by summoning rare Champions to dispatch them on missions or control them directly in real-time battles. There's no need for NFTs to access Champions Arena, as each player will be given a set of free non-NFT Champions (4x) to start their PvE Campaigns before moving on to PvP Arena or Mayhem. 

How to download Champions Arena

Champions Arena is now live on Gala Games, and you can download it here after creating a Gala account. For those playing on Android or iOS, linking your game account with your Gala account is advisable. This can be done by navigating to the game's settings. 

Core Gameplay

A. Summoning Champions

In Champions Arena, summoning a hero is a crucial step to expanding your league. This can be done by visiting the "Estate" tab, where new players will be requested to join the "Council Estate." However, due to the Council's excessive fees, it is recommended that you switch to another Estate (gaming guild) afterward. 

Once you're in a new Estate, head to the "Altar of Champions" to summon your heroes. There are two types of Summoning: i) Premium Summoning, which has a higher chance of obtaining Champions, and ii) Normal Summoning, which has a possibility of obtaining either soul stones or Champions. 

B. PvE Campaigns 

Now that you have formed your team, go to the "Campaigns" tab and complete different stages to collect XP, Gold, and occasionally Hero or Spell cards to add to your arsenal. The core gameplay is focused on a 4v4 battle, where you control 4 characters and choose their attacks, defensive moves, and magic spells by combining and playing different cards. Both Champions and cards are available in three different colors or Unions: yellow (Harmony), red (Destruction), and blue (Prosperity). When it's a Champion's turn, play a card that matches its color to boost its power. You'll win the match once you've eliminated all Champions on the opposing team. 

C. PvP Arena

After clearing a certain stage of PvE, you'll gain entrance to Arena, where you can play and earn. To activate this feature, you must win PvP matches with at least one NFT or NFT-Ready (NFTR) Champion. This allows you to earn Victory Points (VP), which are converted into $GALA tokens every day at 3 AM UTC.  

D. Mayhem

In Mayhem, players will form a group of Champions and dispatch them on various adventures. Successful explorations will result in unlocking valuable mines and participating in daring raids. Each successful expedition grants rewards such as XP, Gold, and Mileage tokens. 

How to calculate Victory Points

The better your ranking and the rarer your NFTs, the more VPs you'll get. 

  • Base VP for winning an Arena match: 10 VPs. 
  • Competitive Score Multiplier – Bronze (0%-40%); Silver (40%-65%); Gold (65%-80%); Platinum (80%-90%); Diamond (90%-95%); Master (95%-98.5%); Champion (98.5%-100%). 
  1. Below 1400 (Bronze) – 0.05x. 
  2. 1400 (Silver) – 0.8x. 
  3. 1600 (Gold) – 2.5x. 
  4. 1800 (Platinum) – 4x. 
  5. 2000 (Diamond) – 15x. 
  6. 2200 (Master) – 24x. 
  7. 2400 (Champion) – 30x. 
  • NFT Multiplier (per NFT Champion used in a match)
  1. Common – 0.05. 
  2. Uncommon – 0.1. 
  3. Rare – 0.2.
  4. Epic – 0.35. 
  5. Legendary – 0.7. 
  • New Champion Multiplier – Use an NFT Champion released within the past month: +(.15)per new Champion. For instance, 2 New Champions = 1+(.15*2). 

Let's say you are a Silver player who has won a match with one Common NFT and two Rare NFTs:

  • Your VP Multiplier is = (0.8 Silver Bracket Multiplier + 0.05 Common Multiplier + 0.2 Rare Multiplier + 0.2 Rare Multiplier) = 1.25. 
  • Total VPs earned = 1.25*10 Base VPs = 12.5 VPs. 

How to get NFT Champions

There are many ways to obtain NFT heroes in Champions Arena. Here are some methods to be considered: 

  1. Mint free Champions as NFTs: This can be done using minting scrolls, though the minting cost is relatively high for rare heroes. 
  2. Purchase one from OpenSea: Check out the full list here
  3. Rent an NFT Champion with Nexus: Starting November 2023, Nexus – a rental vehicle in Champions Arena – will be activated. This allows holders to lease their NFT heroes by attaching them to a Nexus. Other players will be able to play with that Champion and potentially earn $GALA without owning an NFT hero. Any Victory Points obtained would be split among the Nexus owner, Champion NFT owner, and the player following the rates below. 

Battle Pass and Seasonal Gameplay

Champions Arena also offers a dynamic battle pass system with two distinct rows: the default and the purchasable. Players must operate the game via a mobile device to access and buy the battle pass. Seasonal gameplay is also included, with a new season starting every 2 weeks. Throughout the new season, players can expect fresh content and exciting upgrades, such as new Estate missions or improved summoning rates for specific Champions.

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