How to Play Undead Blocks: A Web3 Zombie Survival Game

The zombie genre amongst gamers is a phenomenon that shows no sign of waning. Thanks to the advent of blockchain tech, you can now "kill to earn" in Undead Blocks, the world's first zombie survival FPS where players are rewarded for slaying zombies.

Aug 7, 2023
by Akira Ming
How to Play Undead Blocks: A Web3 Zombie Survival Game

What is Undead Blocks? 

Created by Wagyu Games in partnership with Kevuru Games, Undead Blocks is the world's first zombie survival FPS built on the Ethereum network. The game is free-to-play on PC and mobile, where players must race against time to slay zombies and earn crypto. 


There are 4 game modes in Undead Blocks: Solo, Squads, Speedrun, and Massacre. While each game mode operates differently, the ultimate goal is to kill as many zombies as possible. 

In Solo mode, you must confront endless waves of zombies on your own; in Speedrun, you must complete a set number of waves as quickly as possible; in Squads, you'll team up with 2-4 players to kill zombies; and in Massacre (MP5 Massacre/AKM Assault), you need to kill as many Undead as possible in a set period. Duos allows you to team up with another friend to mow down zombies, while VIP Solo lets you earn crypto while fighting alone. Each game mode will have its own play-to-earn version, which can be accessed with an NFT Weapon. 

Usually, each match only begins with a knife and a pistol. Other weapons you have access to can be found in various locations. For instance, if you own an MP5 or F1, you won't be able to equip them right away. Instead, you need to start with basic weapons like the knife and pistol before looking for these powerful guns across the map (eg: on the wall). This places emphasis on the player's skills rather than the power of their weaponry. 

Each zombie killed has a chance to drop a ZBOX with a random amount of Gold or Standard ZBUX. Gamers will also earn XP for each successful headshot, which can be used to acquire new weapons and grenades, unlock perks from vending machines, and clear doors to unveil new paths.

How to get started in Undead Blocks

To enter this thrilling Undead battlefield, create a Wagyu Games account here and link it with your crypto wallet (MetaMask/WalletConnect). Once done, head to your Dashboard and click "Download Undead Blocks" to get the installer. 

NOTE: Make sure to run the installation file as an Administrator. Else, you might get an error message saying, "Setup Error! Could not read setup package!"

Once done, log in to the game with your Wagyu credentials. All Genesis Weapons are made accessible for Beta testing as of now. However, this would not be the case for the actual launch when players could only use NFT weapons from their crypto wallets.

How play-to-earn (P2E) works in Undead Blocks

There are 3 main currencies in the game: 

  1. Gold ZBUX: The primary reward token, which is pegged to $0.10. Gamers can earn them by playing VIP Solo with an NFT weapon, ranking on the tournament leaderboards, or completing in-game achievements. Gold ZBUX can be redeemed for other cryptocurrencies. It can also be used to purchase rare weapon skins, character skins, animations, and power-ups (perks). 
  2. Standard ZBUX: An off-chain token that can be earned by playing any game mode in Undead Blocks. Standard ZBUX earnings are uncapped and will be attached to each Wagyu Account (non-transferable). Standard ZBUX can be used to upgrade weapons, as well as add new weapons to the loadout. 
  3. $UNDEAD token: $UNDEAD is the governance token that allows holders to vote on important decisions for the game. This token can be acquired from Uniswap and can be staked for further benefits. 

To access the P2E mechanism, players can either: 

  1. Purchase a Genesis NFT Weapon Loadout from OpenSea or Immutable (Loadout level: Amateur, Assassin, Survivor, and Zombie Killer); or
  2. Purchase an Apocalypse NFT Weapon Loadout from OpenSea or Immutable (Loadout level: Rookie, Veteran, and Commander); or
  3. Rent Genesis/Apocalypse NFT Weapons for free on BluMint. To do that, simply create a BluMint account with your email address and link it to the SAME crypto wallet as your Wagyu account. Alternatively, you can set up an account on BluMint using the SAME crypto wallet as your Wagyu account. 

With the NFT rental system, weapon holders can earn passive income by lending their armory to other players. All ZBUX rewards will be split according to the percentage agreed, with the weapons being returned to the owner after the leasing period. 

There are also free regular tournaments that allow users to compete without the need for NFTs. If you've always wanted to try out this apocalypse blockchain FPS, follow the simple steps above. Keep an eye on our news section for the latest happenings in Undead Blocks

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