Hytopia Beta Pre-Registration Opens: Secure Your Username and Lootbox

Hytopia, formerly NFT Worlds, offers early access to its beta. Register to reserve a unique username and receive exclusive NFT lootboxes.

Sep 17, 2023
by Michael
Hytopia Beta Pre-Registration Opens: Secure Your Username and Lootbox

Hytopia, formerly known as NFT Worlds and recently rebranded, is inviting users to pre-register for its beta version, offering a unique opportunity to claim an early spot, reserve a distinctive username, and receive an NFT lootbox.

Hytopia is not just another Minecraft clone; it promises seamless web3 integration, features for world builders, compatibility with Minecraft servers, an internal marketplace, third-party asset creation, and more.

The testnet Hytopia chain has been operational for several months, showcasing many of its features. If successful, Hytopia could become a strong contender in the growing metaverse arena.

Beta Pre-Registration and Unique Usernames

Hytopia's first beta release is on the horizon, and you can secure your chance to be among the first testers by pre-registering. This also guarantees your unique username in Hytopia and rewards you with an exclusive lootbox, containing cosmetic items unavailable elsewhere. These lootboxes are also NFTs, tradable or sellable, making them valuable assets. You'll receive your lootbox when the beta begins.

Notably, usernames will become tradable assets on the Hytopia marketplace, with opportunities to acquire additional names in the future. However, Hytopia has measures in place to prevent fraudulent usage and reserves the right to assign certain names to their rightful owners. Previous reservations made through the World Name Service will also be honored in Hytopia.

Upon registration, you'll receive a referral link, allowing you to earn extra lootboxes when others sign up using your link.

Pre-registration begins on September 15th at 2pm CST.

What is Hytopia?

Hytopia offers a collection of customizable virtual worlds, reminiscent of Minecraft but with enhanced graphics and web3 integration. It already features an Armory function, allowing players to preview their avatars in action. Hytopia aims to be a superior web3 alternative to Minecraft, with an in-app marketplace, wallet-free logins, support for custom content and tokens, browser-based gameplay, and developer tools on the L2 Hytopia Chain.

The beta launch of Hytopia is expected in late 2023, promising exciting opportunities for gamers and blockchain enthusiasts alike. To know more about the rebranding, click here.

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