Illuvium announces Land Sale date – here’s everything you need to know

The first ever Illuvium land sale will last 3 days, with 20k plots out of a total 100k to be sold via a Dutch auction.

May 5, 2022
by Dragan
Illuvium announces Land Sale date – here’s everything you need to know

The developers behind the highly-anticipated open-world NFT autobattler universe, Illuvium, have announced the exact time for its first ever Land sale.

On June 2nd, 9 AM UTC, aspiring land owners will have the chance to snatch up at least one of the 20k plots that will be put up for sale via a Dutch auction. The starting prices that were revealed in April this year have now been officially confirmed to remain the same, the decision being brought this month by the Illuvium Council, the game’s own DAO. 

There will be 5 tiers of land up for grabs, with the first 4 tiers being sold via a Dutch auction, while the last one is sold via an English auction. A Dutch auction basically means that the starting price is reduced by a certain percentage every minute, while in an English auction, buyers place bids, with the highest bidder winning the auction. 

In the context of this specific sale, the prices are reduced by 2.5% every minute.

These are the prices the first sale will begin at, from Tier 1 to Tier 4 respectively: 2 ETH, 6 ETH, 20 ETH and 80 ETH. Land plots in these tiers can be bought using either ETH or sILV2 on the Ethereum network. However, you cannot combine these two tokens to purchase a single plot in one transaction. The minting of these land NFTs will take place on the Immutable X, a layer 2 on Ethereum. Tier 5 land can only be purchased using ETH.

The sale will last 3 days in batches – that is, every hour, a new batch containing about 278 land plots is put up for auction. Each batch can last up to 2 hours.

A total of 100k land plots will ever exist in the Illuvium universe. This sale in particular is auctioning off 20k that will be placed across 7 different regions. To be precise, that’s 12029 Tier 1, 5012 Tier 2, 2088 Tier 3, 869 Tier 4 and only 2 Tier 5 land plots available in this land sale. The English auction for those 2 ultra-rare parcels will be livestreamed on Twitch, and while there is a specific time the auction is supposed to close at, new bids could keep it going, as each bid lengthens the auction for another 5 minutes.

Land is a crucial component in Illuvium Zero, a mobile and desktop city builder where land owners construct and upgrade various buildings while obtaining resources they can sell to other players. One of these includes Fuel, an important ERC20 token needed in every game mode part of Illuvium. It can be sold for ETH. Placement of structures does have an effect on production, requiring players to optimize their layout for max efficiency.  

The land tiers differentiate themselves based on the amount of element and fuel sites present – the higher the tier, the more resources available for extraction. For example, Tier 1 lands have 3 Element Sites and 1 Fuel Site, while Tier 4 plots feature 12 Element Sites and 9 Fuel Sites. Of course, no two land is the same, thus some minor differences may be present in lands of the same tier, such as the placement of sites on a plot or the diversity of said sites. 

Aside from differing in resource quantity, a production boost is also present in lands from Tier 2 to Tier 5. Plots from Tier 3 to Tier 5 can have a Landmark, which can basically provide bonuses in the production of a specific resource. In the case of Tier 3 lands it’s an Element Landmark while Tier 4 plots get a Fuel Landmark. Tier 5 lands are subject to an Arena landmark, which may supposedly be used as an area to host tournaments for the main game.

Next to collecting Elements and Fuel, Illuvium Zero also has players scan and research Illuvials, the cute but deadly creatures used in the autobattler mode. Scanning Illuvials allows you to form blueprint NFTs, which are necessary for crafting weapon and armor skins, all of which are also non-fungible tokens. That also means that blueprints and skins can be sold on Illuvium’s very own DEX, the IlluviDEX.

About 5% of revenue from in-game transactions players make in Illuvium will be handed out to landholders. 

Even though Illuvium Zero will be playable using free land, free-to-play players will not have access to the play-to-earn economy.  

As of writing, the main game is currently undergoing closed beta, where a small group of players are enjoying their time surviving as many waves as they can in the PvE autobattler mode while trying to top the daily leaderboard. A public beta is scheduled for Q2 this year, the same quarter in which Illuvium Zero is slated to release.

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