Illuvium Reveals More Info About the Illuvitars Genesis Collection

The team has provided more details about Illuvitars' utility, NFT packs, and its upcoming collection game.

Sep 15, 2022
by Akira Ming
Illuvium Reveals More Info About the Illuvitars Genesis Collection

Since Illuvium dropped the first look at Illuvitar in July, fans have eagerly awaited the team to reveal more about these beautiful PFPs. Now that we have more info let's dive in to learn about its utility and the cost of each NFT pack. 

What are Illuvitars in Illuvium? 

For a start, Illuvitars are customizable NFT profile pictures (PFPs) that players can use in all Illuvium games. Each of them is a portrait of an Illuvial, which comes with tons of utility. 

Owners can bond accessories such as headwear, eyewear, skin, bodywear, and props to their Illuvitars. Those who manage to complete the collections will also gain access to private Betas, exclusive merch, and special events in the future. 

So far, there are more than 150 unique Illuvials in the Genesis Illuvitars collection, which will be released in batches for a limited time. Here's how to get one (or all) of them. 

D1SK NFT Packs

Remember in our last article that Illuvitars and Accessories will be sold separately in six tiers of crates? Those crates are now known as D1SKS, available in only two types of NFT packs as below:

  1. Illuvitar D1SK: Contains 1x random Illuvitar, 3x Accessories, and 1x Bonus Tier 0 Illuvitar. Each pack will cost 0.015 ETH or about 0.34 sILV2 to purchase. 
  2. Illuvitar Mega D1SK: Contains 1x random Illuvitar, 3x Accessories, and 1x Guaranteed Rare Item. Each pack will cost 0.075 ETH or about 1.72 sILV2 to purchase. 

According to Illuvium, mega D1SKs always have a higher chance to drop rare Illuvitars and Accessories. So savvy collectors may want to pay attention to that. Rare Illuvitars, in particular, will become vital when the Illuvitars Album goes live. 

What is Illuvitars Album?

In short, Illuvitars Album is a collection game for the NFTs' collectors. Once Iluvitars are live, players can gain Leaderboard points as they complete hundreds of collections linked by unique attributes. The rarer the Illuvitars and the more difficult the collection is to complete, the bigger the rewards will be. 

As of now, though, the team has yet to finalize the date of the Illuvitar sale. So fans will have to stay tuned for further announcements. 

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