Illuvium Plans to Build an Interoperable Blockchain Game Model

The games on Illuvium will have an interoperable experience and share the same token, blockchain, and economy.

Sep 30, 2022
by Michael
Illuvium Plans to Build an Interoperable Blockchain Game Model

Interoperable Gaming Concept

Co-founder of blockchain-based RPG Illuvium game, Kieran Warwick, has announced that the company is launching a gaming concept that is the first of its kind. During Token2049 in Singapore, Warwick said that Illuvium is building three games that will have the same economy and use the same token and blockchain, making it an interoperable experience.  

He said, 

"We're building something that has never been done before not in the mainstream and not in Web3."

Illuvium coined the term IBG, which means a series of blockchain games connected, and forming related titles with the same NFTs, in-game currency, or both. The games will focus on player enjoyment rather than a monetized economy.

"In our genres that we're hitting, there might be roughly 500 million people that we can bring in that literally won't know that they're playing a crypto game."

Illuvial will add Another Six Games

The first game is a "combination of Sim City and Clash of Clans" and involves players mining and building resources for use in the second game, "Overworld."

In Overworld, players will explore space and capture creatures, Illuvials, which will be battled in the third game, with battle arenas like DOTA and Teamfight Tactics. However, according to Warwick, Illuvium won't be stopping at three games as there are plans to build another six games.

"Imagine taking one of those assets and then going over to the racetrack and playing a Mario Kart game, but you're not buying a new Nintendo game, it's just one asset that's usable across an entire universe of games," he said.   

Illuvium initially planned to raise $350 million, but it has been scaled down to $10-20 due to the current bearish market. The co-founder made the Australian Financial Review's 'Young Rich List' this year, but the current meltdown had reduced his net worth.

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