Illuvium Unveils a Guide to IlluviDex and Its Features

On the Illuvium exchange, a platform under the Illuvium DAO’s management, users can purchase and trade any in-game NFT. All NFTs discovered in the game can be traded there, although the IlluviDEX’s main concentration is on trading Illuvials.

Nov 14, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Illuvium Unveils a Guide to IlluviDex and Its Features

Users may buy and sell any in-game NFT just on the Illuvium market exchange, Illuvium. Illuvium DAO manages IlluviDex. Although any NFTs in the game may be exchanged there, the IlluviDEX's major focus is trading Illuvials.

NFTs such as gear, items, lands, and pets are available to Illuvium players. Users may trade such NFTs on the IlluviDex. Users may sell or purchase properties and check their status of virtual assets' on Illuviom. They merely need to link their Metamask wallet to see their assets in the "my assets" section.

In June, Illuvium announced the start of its land sale. Moreover, the sale allowed players to purchase land and join the NFT land giveaway. In the giveaway, players have the chance to win five tier-one plots of land for free.

How to Buy Land | IlluviDex

 In order to buy land with NFT, users must finish a few necessary tasks.  

  • By downloading Metamask, create a wallet. 
  • Purchase some Ether. 
  • You should send the Ether you bought to your Metamask wallet. Make sure the amount you send is more than the price of the land and gas fees.
  • When you're ready to buy your NFT land, go to the IlluviDex platform:
  • Visit IlluviDex.
  • Connect your Metamask wallet and sign the permissions.

How to Take Part in the Land Sale

In the main game, you need fuel to catch and improve your Illuvials. Currently, Illuvium has a lot of fuel-making resources that can be utilized to make fuel. On-land fuel production is feasible.

Players can utilise sILV2 or ETH to buy land. Landowners look for Illuvials that flow through their land to make the blueprints for new skins. Moreover, you need fuel to finish the game and can use it to speed up the game or sell it on the IlluviDex.

The mobile and PC game that goes with Illuvium: Zero lets gamers keep and improve the land they bought. Further, in Illuvium: Zero, you may build a simulated industrial complex that runs on an ERC-20 token from your wallet.

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