In the Next Mirandus Playtest, Prepare to Slay Some Goblins & Earn $MTRM Rewards

Wow, who would have thought that killing some goblins will earn you crypto in return? But that's exactly what's going to happen in Mirandus' next playtest on June 21st. Here's the scoop!

Jun 19, 2022
by Akira Ming
In the Next Mirandus Playtest, Prepare to Slay Some Goblins & Earn $MTRM Rewards

All you need to know about the next Mirandus playtest

Without a doubt, Mirandus is one of the most exciting play-to-earn titles on Gala Games. Being an epic fantasy RPG under development, the game went through its first playtest back in December 2021. After 5 months, Mirandus will have its second playtest on June 21st next week. This time, players will get to shoot some goblins and earn Materium ($MTRM) in return. 

For a start, the playtest is only available to Mirandus Exemplar NFT holders as of June 17th at 3 pm PST. So, if you buy an Exemplar NFT right now you won't be able to join the playtest. 

But for those who are eligible, your mission in the game is rather simple. Just use a bow, point at a dummy goblin (see below), and shoot. If you manage to kill that goblin, a green checkmark will appear, indicating that you have completed the test. The best part is that one successful kill will make all of your Exemplars eligible for Materium ($MTRM) rewards! It's just that simple. 

How many Materium ($MTRM) can you get? 

According to the team, the amount of Materium ($MTRM) rewards will be the same as the last Mirandus playtest. See below: 

  1. Human Exemplar: 100 $MTRM each
  2. Orc/Dwarf Exemplar: 400 $MTRM each
  3. Halfling Exemplar: 1,000 $MTRM each
  4. Elf Exemplar: 4,000 $MTRM each

Hence, the more Exemplars you have, the more $MTRM you will get for completing the playtest successfully. In fact, if you own any Goblin Fortune Cards, you will earn a bonus of 100 $MTRM for each card you had at the time of snapshot on June 17th. 

What's more, the playtest will be live for at least 2 weeks. Thus, eligible players can take their time. Nonetheless, the playtest offers a great opportunity for NFT holders to try out the game before anyone else. Not to mention that the $MTRM rewards will allow players to get a head start in Mirandus

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