InfiniteWorld Purchases Super Bit Machine Game Studio

Blockchain Digital Firm Infinite World has acquired independent game studio Super Bit Machine for an undisclosed price in line with its Web3 expansion objective.

Aug 6, 2022
by Michael
InfiniteWorld Purchases Super Bit Machine Game Studio

InfiniteWorld has purchased the independent gaming firm behind Armajet, and the studio will help build games which will increase consumer engagement for InfiniteWorld. InfiniteWorld is an infrastructural company that enables brands and creators to create, monetize, and engage with digital content. 

The CEO of InfiniteWorld, Brad Allen, in an interview, commented:

“We’re bringing communities from Web2 to Web3, and our belief is gaming is the key to that. This is about bringing in next-level engagement and experiences, which is what Web3 and the metaverse are about. Super Bit Machine has a scalable technology around gaming and gaming infrastructure that allows us to be in the market quickly with this next level of engagement.”

Super Bit Machine is focused on bringing fast-paced, multiplayer competitive experiences to the mobile gaming ecosystem. The team has worked with several companies over the past decades. 

Alexander Krivicich, the founder of Super Bit Machine, commented:

“We believe gaming is central to scaling mass adoption of Web3. We’ve been at the forefront of creating cross-platform, cross-play competitive gaming experiences, and we understand that the future of these interactions will take place in the metaverse.”

The acquisition will assist InfiniteWorld in bringing metaverse and Web3 experiences to brands, with the addition of real-time multiplayer game development capabilities. The deal signals the continued crossover between blockchain and gaming platforms, connecting traditional gamers’ experiences with dynamic Web3 functionality.  InfiniteWorld hopes to go public through a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) without going through the regulatory initial public offerings. 

Content Creation is a key 

The two companies are optimistic that the deal will be a productive one and it’s coming at the right time. Allen said,

“We want to be first to market on a number of initiatives, gaming being one of them. Content is still king, and with the metaverse and Web3 you have to have attractive content.”. 

Finally, InfiniteWorld has also cut ties with many of their partners. Super Bit Machine believes the merge is the biggest ever in the world of gaming with no other merge to challenge their prowess. 

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