Kawaii 5th Seasonal League Brings Rewards Earned in 4th Seasonal League

Kawaiiverse residents can now enjoy the 5th Seasonal League, which comes bearing more rewards and entertainment.

Aug 18, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Kawaii 5th Seasonal League Brings Rewards Earned in 4th Seasonal League

The players will interact with multiple gaming items and get a chance to earn premium league prizes. 

The winning items include MILKY, Gem, and an exclusive prize created for the 5th season only, which is a Plasto Cross Bag. The latest seasonal league has been updated on all the platforms where players can engage with the game, including web and mobile devices (Android and iOS). 

Fulfil Conditions to Enter the 5th Seasonal League

Every player cannot enter the 5th Seasonal League not before completing the requirements. These are;

  • The player must be playing at Level 10 or above. 
  • The players need to purchase a premium ticket to enter. 
  • It is customary to fill the orders and send them out to win trophies as a reward. 

Another Good News for Kawaiiverse Residents

Kawaiiverse has also released the rewards earned by players in the 4th Seasonal League. The players can access their rewards at this link.

However, it must be noted that all the packed furnishings that players had crafted in the first season will disappear after the end of the season. As these furnishings cannot be recycled, make sure to get them before the season ends. 

If a user has not linked their wallet, they will receive Gem instead of MILKY. Also, the number of earned medals, trophies, and order requirements during the gameplay will reset. 

About Kawaiiverse

Kawaiiverse is a joint venture of Imba Games Studioes and Oraichain. The metaverse-based game is set in the Anime metaverse, where people can play, 

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