Kingdom Karnage Unveils Exciting Loot System Enhancements

In an effort to enrich the player experience, Kingdom Karnage has revamped its loot system. The changes include increased Diamond drops, tiered rewards for dungeons, and the role of luck through Lucky Trinkets. These enhancements aim to make in-game loot more rewarding and enjoyable for players.

Sep 8, 2023
by Michael
Kingdom Karnage Unveils Exciting Loot System Enhancements

Kingdom Karnage is giving its players even more reasons to embark on epic adventures with a revamped loot system. In recent times, there have been notable updates in the Kingdom Karnage gaming ecosystem, namely, its new spell system and Major NFT updates. These changes aim to enhance the new player experience by making the game more rewarding and enjoyable.

Increased Diamond Drops and Enhanced Loot

One of the standout improvements is the increased frequency of Diamond drops across all dungeons. Diamonds are a valuable in-game currency, and players will now encounter them more frequently while exploring dungeons.

In the Catacombs, a previously guaranteed card drop has been replaced with a minimum 825 Diamond drop. This change ensures that Catacombs offers the best minimum drop in the game, aligning it with the game's evolving dynamics.

Tiered Dungeons for Varied Rewards

To make the progression more engaging, normal dungeons in Kingdom Karnage are now divided into three tiers, each offering varying rewards. Tier 1 dungeons (BB, AR, TK) reward players with 500 Diamonds, while Tier 2 dungeons (TT, M, PoB) offer 625 Diamonds. For those daring enough to tackle Tier 3 dungeons (KP, JH, TR), a generous 750 Diamonds await.

These tiered rewards guarantee players a card for every successful run of a Tier 1 dungeon, as 500 Diamonds can be exchanged for a random card. This balanced approach encourages players of all levels to participate.

The Role of Luck and Lucky Trinkets

In Catacombs, the concept of "luck" plays a crucial role in enhancing loot. Equipping Lucky Trinkets can significantly improve a player's luck factor. Additionally, players can acquire a 2% luck booster (with five uses) once per day, further increasing their chances of better loot.

Enchanted Coins and Multiverse Items, unique in-game assets, remain exclusive to Catacombs loot tables. Luck trinkets are available in five rarities, with the highest offering a 10% boost.

Remaining Lucky Trinkets and Future Distribution

While many Lucky Trinkets have already been distributed, some remain unreleased. The game developers have not outlined a specific distribution plan for these remaining trinkets. However, players can anticipate that some will become part of the loot pool for a forthcoming paid loot box, set to launch within the month.

The introduction of these exciting changes to the loot system aims to create a more enjoyable and rewarding gameplay experience for Kingdom Karnage players. With increased Diamond drops, tiered dungeon rewards, and the influence of luck, players can look forward to thrilling adventures and bountiful loot in the world of Kingdom Karnage.

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