Koakuma Goes Live with its Second round of Closed Beta

Renowned MMORPG game Koakuma recently announced the launch of its second round of closed beta. Learn the ins and outs of the game by reading on.

Nov 4, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Koakuma Goes Live with its Second round of Closed Beta

A few months ago, during the first round of closed beta testing, Koakuma gamers received their first taste of the vibrant but dangerous world of Laria. Now Kaokuma's second round of closed beta is also live.  

There will be a lot of improvements in the second round of closed beta, which are in response to user feedback from the first round. The changes have mostly focused on skills, operation, and gameplay repetition.

 Some of the significant updates include the following: 

  • Mysterious adventures
  • Powerful bosses
  • Rich skill runes
  • Exciting randomized dungeons
  • High-quality graphics


Players will be thrown into the fantasy island of Laria, where they'll spend hours collecting resources, constructing structures, and amassing equipment. Most notably, players may explore dungeons with friends, kill powerful monsters, and collect tokens and NFT rewards.

Game Mechanics

Koakuma will use the combinable skill rune system and randomized dungeons. This enables players to gradually explore dungeons, providing them with new experiences as well as a sophisticated skill rune system for individuals who enjoy theorising the ideal build for each class.

In addition to that, the game introduces an entirely new Endless mode for players to enjoy. Endless mode challenges players against never-ending waves of adversaries, with the opportunity to pick one of three randomized prizes to improve your abilities. The CBT2 Tournament will be centred on the new Endless mode, with a prize pool of more than $10,000. Other potentially valuable prizes include Equipment NFT, Rune Stone, $KKMA, Access Pass, and others.

About Koakuma 

Koakuma is a graphics-intensive medieval fantasy 3D game featuring immersive fighting systems and mechanisms. It is a P2E & F2P Gamefi 2.0 project with a lot to discover and earn for people all around the globe, where gamers engage in epic battles with specifically developed NFT materials.

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