Kryptomon Kicks Off WOKtober Quest With 1 Million $KMON Prize Pool

To mark the upcoming start of the exclusive preview of World of Kogaea, the Kryptomon team, in collaboration with The Crypto App, has launched the WOKtober Quest, during which participants have a chance of earning a share of the 1 million $KMON prize pool alongside various rewards.

Oct 16, 2023
by Dragan
Kryptomon Kicks Off WOKtober Quest With 1 Million $KMON Prize Pool

The Kryptomon team, in collaboration with The Crypto App, has officially kicked off the WOKtober Quest, giving players various activities to do for a chance at earning a share of the 1 million $KMON prize pool and more.

WOKtober Quest Details

In celebration of the upcoming preview of their 3D MMORPG, World of Kogaea: Monsters Gone Wild, the team has opened the Pink Moon Hunt for everyone to sign up for during the whitelist period in order to participate in treasure hunting, while launching a leaderboard to climb up by completing quests on Zealy.

Pink Moon Treasure Hunt

Pink Moon is a mobile treasure hunting game where players have a chance of finding various rewards. The game is being opened for this special month, and in order to enter, a whitelist period is currently underway, for which you have a chance of getting on by leaving your email on the relevant section of the game’s official website. If you’re an NFT holder, you can instantly whitelist through the app, but if not, you should input your email to secure your spot. The whitelist will close on October 19th, with the treasure hunt set to start on October 20th at 1 PM UTC and end on October 27th at 1 PM UTC.

For this treasure hunt, titled Full Moon, players have a chance of claiming 9 loot boxes containing various rewards. Some of the prizes players could earn include Kryptomon Egg NFTs, game items, NFT Kryptomon Armor, whitelist spots to World of Kogaea, and more.

Quest Leaderboard

Complete various quests on the Zealy platform until November 6th to gain XP in order to climb the leaderboard for a chance at getting a piece of the 1 million $KMON prize pool. Next to the tokens, participants could also earn NFT Kryptomon Eggs, whitelist spots for the World of Kogaea preview, and more.

World of Kogaea Preview

If you want to gain access to the exclusive community preview of World of Kogaea called Monsters Gone Wild, you’ll need to gain a whitelist spot. The whitelist opens on October 20th, and until then, you can leave your email on the official website in order to get notified of more details, as availability seems to be marked as “TBA” for the time being, so perhaps we can expect more information to be given once the whitelist actually opens. For now, the available methods of gaining access include the previously-mentioned Zealy Leaderboard and treasure hunt.

For this preview, players will go on an action-packed journey and collect rare Pink Moon Shards, which are used for crafting unique in-game items. 

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