Legendary Champions Unleashed with 4x Summon Rate in Champions Arena

Champions Arena introduces three Legendary Champions - Zafrina, Lavina, and Jia, with an enhanced 4x in-game Summon rate. This limited-time event, lasting until mid-September, provides players with increased odds to summon these formidable heroes.

Sep 8, 2023
by Michael
Legendary Champions Unleashed with 4x Summon Rate in Champions Arena

In a thrilling update, Champions Arena introduces three new Legendary Champions: Zafrina, Lavina, and Jia, each with a heightened 4x in-game Summon rate for a limited time.

New Legendary Champions

These formidable Legendary Champions are a limited-time special appreciation event until mid-September, giving players a significantly increased chance to summon Zafrina, Lavina, or Jia compared to other Legendary Champions.

Their stories and skills are now part of the game, promising exciting battles in the Arena. Will they fight alongside you or become formidable opponents? Only time will reveal their allegiance.

Champion NFT Bonus

These new Legendary Champions can only be obtained through in-game Summoning. However, players have the option to mint NFT versions of these Champions on GalaChain using Minting Scrolls via the Estate's Altar of Champions.

Using these minted NFT Champions provides an additional 15% boost to Victory Points for each battle, which remains in effect until the end of Season 3. While minting NFTs is an investment, it offers strategic advantages.

Champion Growth Package

Champions Arena introduces Growth Packs in the in-game Cash Shop, allowing players to power up their newly summoned Legendary Champion quickly. These Growth Packs are available for a limited time, aligned with the increased Summon rates for the new Legendary Champions.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

The Champions Arena development team has been diligently addressing issues and enhancing gameplay:

  • Corrected skill descriptions to match actual effects.
  • Fixed skill discrepancies for certain characters.
  • Improved resource effects and aura interactions.
  • Enhanced the reward UI.
  • Resolved localization and translation issues.
  • Addressed NFT Champion unlockability when linked.

These improvements demonstrate the team's commitment to making Champions Arena a premier mobile RPG with engaging PvP strategy, endless combos, and true player ownership.

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