Mega World Binance Chain Land Gameplay Starts February 15th

The third Mega World city map will be available for construction on Binance Chain on February 15th. This update contains new buildings, additional cross-chain dependencies, and a special pack sale.

Jan 25, 2023
by Anvi Saini
Mega World Binance Chain Land Gameplay Starts February 15th

Binance Chain Construction

On February 15th, participants can construct various sorts of public transportation, functional buildings, and points of interest on the purchased Binance Chain land plots. In addition, this expansion introduces three new buildings to Mega World, one of which is exclusive to the Binance Chain. All 3 blockchains would be able to construct Chemical Plants and Paper Factories. However, Binance Chain plot owners may also build Plastic Factories.

Higher-level constructions will need complicated materials from all the 3 blockchains to encourage cross-chain trading. As per the medium article by MegaWorld, players will require basic materials, resources, and citizens to construct the first buildings. Also, the creators have introduced a new dependency. Offices often get passive revenue from their districts, but to collect their MEGA income, they will now need Paper.

As per the team, Airports for the Binance Chain will open concurrently with construction. Players may transport materials and citizens between all three cities for the cost of a ticket in $MEGA tokens. The game will determine the ticket cost by the type and number of materials or citizens being carried.

Mega World will have a limited pack sale on February 2nd to assist gamers in getting started in the new city without needing to transport materials from other cities. BNB Starter Packs will include the last of the Generation A Citizens. Moreover, Federal, Local, and Mayor will be the three varieties of packs available to players.

About Mega World

Mega World is a digital world that resembles a modern city equipped with streets, buildings, automobiles, etc. Players in this game may own 

  • Land Plots, 
  • Citizens, 
  • Pets, and 
  • Cities. 

Players begin the game by walking (or driving) throughout the city, executing tasks, and collecting MEGA tokens. The game is free to play; however, fulfilling certain activities may need the ownership of a Citizen NFT.

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