Metalympics Originals Rolls Out 5th Speedrun Competition in The Sandbox with 10k SAND in Prizes

Apparently, the 5th speedrun by Metalympics Originals will prep you up for what's coming in The Sandbox Alpha Season 3. Let's dig in!

Jul 29, 2022
by Akira Ming
Metalympics Originals Rolls Out 5th Speedrun Competition in The Sandbox with 10k SAND in Prizes

The 5th speedrun by Metalympics Originals is now live in The Sandbox

Can't get enough of speedrun? Now you can put your skills to the test! Metalympics Originals' 5th speedrun contest is now live in The Sandbox with 10,000 SAND tokens up for grabs. The free event will run for a week until August 4th at 11:59 PM (UTC).

All you need to do is to record and submit your best run to the Metalympics team during the event. To access the game, make sure you download the latest version of The Sandbox Game Maker (version 0.6.24). Then log in and search for “Metalympics Originals #5” in the Drafts Gallery. As of writing, the game's on page 42. 

Once done, participants are required to screenshot their results and follow Metalympics on Twitter. What's more, they will need to like and retweet this post on Twitter, tag 2 friends, and comment with a screenshot of their results - before filling out a form. 

To ensure fair play, the Metalympics team will only accept speedrun submissions in Glitchless Mode. This means no bugs are allowed at all. Jumping over 3 blocks or more, moving faster than configured speed, or jumping in the air without any blocks are some of the actions that can disqualify your submission. Needless to say, cheating is a no-go as well.

What are the prizes up for grabs? 

According to Metalympics, the top 15 runners will receive different amounts of SAND tokens as below. Besides that, another 50 lucky players will walk away with 20 SAND tokens each. 

  • 1st: 2,000 SAND
  • 2nd: 1,500 SAND
  • 3rd: 1,000 SAND
  • 4th: 750 SAND
  • 5th: 750 SAND
  • 6th: 500 SAND
  • 7th: 500 SAND
  • 8th: 400 SAND
  • 9th: 400 SAND
  • 10th: 300 SAND
  • 11th: 300 SAND
  • 12th: 200 SAND
  • 13th: 150 SAND
  • 14th: 150 SAND
  • 15th: 100 SAND

Lastly, all winners who receive more than 500 SAND must submit KYC to claim their prizes. Those who are up for the Metalympics challenge can check out more details here

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