Metarun Introduces League System to Improve its In-Game Economy

Players will be able to enjoy skill-based gameplay with better ROI once Metarun kicks off its new economic model.

Dec 23, 2022
by Akira Ming
Metarun Introduces League System to Improve its In-Game Economy

Metarun's PvP mode will soon include an MMR ranking system

Endless mobile runner Metarun has introduced a skill-based earning system called Leagues to improve its in-game economy. Players will be able to earn MMR points whenever they win a PvP match, allowing them to unlock different Leagues and earn better rewards. 

There are 10 Leagues in the game, with an increasing amount of OPAL rewards. However, higher Leagues will require more Energy, and only certain NFTs can make it to the premium ranks. Everyone will start from Bronze with 0 MMR points once the system goes live. 

  • Bronze - for newbies.
  • Silver (I,II,III) - for Classic, Epic, and Legendary NFTs. 
  • Gold (I,II,III) - for Epic and Legendary NFTs. 
  • Diamond (I,II,III) - for Legendary NFTs. 

To earn OPAL, players must ensure that their NFTs are charged with Energy before joining a PvP race. These Energy points are up for sale within the in-app store. 

According to Metarun, Leagues are only part of the components that make up its revamped virtual economy. The new game economy will be launched in stages in Q1 2023, starting from the League system, followed by Level & Ability upgrades and NFT skins evolution. 

At launch, players will be able to enjoy a skill-based gaming experience with higher ROI, with no limitations on the number of daily runs. Each character will have the same speed, so everyone can compete with nothing but their skills. 

Metarun is a free-to-play endless runner game for Android and iOS, where players can earn crypto by taking part in PvE and PvP races. Top-ranking players will receive OPAL, which can be converted to $MRUN tokens. 

For more information, check out the official post here

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