Metashooter to Effect Major Update on September 30

The major update includes the launch of the NFT marketplace launch, the pre-beta version, and utilities for the HUNTERS token.

Sep 23, 2022
by Michael
Metashooter to Effect Major Update on September 30

The Major Update will be Unveiled Soon

MetaShooter has announced a major update that will come into full effect on September 30. This update is instrumental to the game as it marks the end of the third quarter of the current roadmap. First on the list is the NFT marketplace launch, allowing players to trade their assets. The game has several NFT assets like Vehicles, Guns, Consumables, and other Equipment. In addition, there are important to boost player performance and bring in more rewards when they win games.

Apart from using them in-game, players can now buy and sell them on the hunter's dashboard. The game team, via a blog post, said, 

"The capacity to monetize in-game resources and earn more is an essential component of P2E gaming, and additional equipment and better NFTs enable this potential."

The update includes a pre-beta game version with an upgraded UI, new content, updated map size, and better visual graphics. The HUNTERS utility will be unveiled, and players can swap them for MHUNT tokens or stake them to earn NFTs.

"We are implementing some changes to the HUNTERS in response to the significant rise in the number of fair players who are actively playing in the MetaShooter ALPHA stage regularly as well as the forthcoming substantial pre-beta upgrade." The blog post read.

Latest Developments from MetaShooter

MetaShooter recently partnered with Rage Effect to increase the adoption of GameFi and advance the gaming economy.

MetaShooter said, 

"Together, MetaShooter and Rage Effect will collaborate on a variety of cross-community AMAs, postings on social media intended to increase exposure, and general support with co-marketing joint projects."

The game also partnered with Yeeha Games, which will provide tools and expertise in video game publishing to MetaShooter.

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