MetaShooter Unveils Extensive PC Beta Update

MetaShooter has released its massive PC Beta update. This update brings significant improvements, including realistic firearms, a revamped map, and the introduction of NFT vehicles. Players can expect a more immersive experience and even a gas station system in the future.

Sep 2, 2023
by Michael
MetaShooter Unveils Extensive PC Beta Update

In a thrilling development for fans of the hit game, MetaShooter, the highly-anticipated PC Beta update has finally landed. This momentous update brings about a significant overhaul of the game, and we're here to provide you with an exclusive look at the exciting changes that await you.

1. Firearms and Equipment Refinement

One of the standout features of the PC Beta update is the comprehensive overhaul of firearms and equipment. MetaShooter has taken realism to a whole new level with stunning animations and lifelike sounds that promise to immerse players like never before. Whether you're wielding a shotgun or sniper rifle, you'll feel the power in your hands.

But that's not all; the game now boasts an expanded range of binoculars, proving to be more than just a spotting tool. These binoculars come equipped with state-of-the-art night vision technology, ensuring that nighttime hunting becomes a thrilling adventure on its own.

2. A World Transformed: Map and Environment

Prepare to embark on an entirely revitalized adventure as the entire MetaShooter map has been reconstructed from the ground up. This fresh design brings a more realistic and vibrant feel to the game, promising an even better gaming experience.

Exploration has never been more rewarding as numerous Points of Interest (POIs) are now scattered throughout the vast map. From vehicle refill stations to towering lookout points, these POIs add depth and excitement to the MetaShooter world. Additionally, the game now operates on a dynamic day-and-night cycle, each offering unique challenges and experiences for players.

3. NFT Vehicles: Expanding the Horizon

The vast expanse of the MetaShooter map necessitates a new means of transportation, and that's where NFT vehicles come into play. These vehicles are crucial for traversing the game's expansive world and will undoubtedly open up exciting opportunities for exploration.

4. Enhanced UI, Gameplay, and Systems

MetaShooter has honed its gameplay to align more closely with the open-world survival hunting genre. Survival and hunting now take center stage, promising a deeper level of immersion for players. Moreover, numerous UI and user experience (UE) improvements have been introduced to ensure smoother and more interactive gameplay.

One of the standout additions is the inventory system. This allows players to exercise full control over their weapon selection, empowering them to make strategic choices based on their unique playstyle. Navigating the vast MetaShooter world has also been made more manageable with the addition of a high-quality world map and waypoint selection, streamlining travel.

5. Gearing Up for the Future: Gas Station System

Looking ahead, MetaShooter plans to introduce a gas station system, laying the foundation for an expanded in-game economy. This forward-looking addition will enable players to refuel their vehicles at specialized locations, promising to enrich the overall gaming experience.

The MetaShooter community eagerly awaits your feedback as you dive into this colossal PC Beta update. Your input will be invaluable as the game continues to evolve and refine its offerings. So, don your hunting gear, load up your weapon of choice, and get ready for a MetaShooter experience like never before!

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