MetaSoccer Brings New Updates to the Training Features, a Few Days after its Integration

After the recent addition of Training feature to MetaSoccer, the game developers have now made some updates to the new feature. These updates will allow players to improve their skills and enhance overall performance.

Sep 22, 2022
by Anvi Saini
MetaSoccer Brings New Updates to the Training Features, a Few Days after its Integration

Major Highlights of the Updates to Training

There are minor changes to the age implications. This will increase the difference among training players having different ages. Due to this, younger players will experience better improvements. The players will also experience some improvements due to changes in the abilities distribution, particularly in the distribution to balance.

Due to these changes, players will see fewer increases in mental or physical activities. But they will observe improvements in their technical and tactical abilities while playing. In the last major update of the player’s abilities, the goalkeeper training is modified. These modifications also lead to improving the balance between primary and secondary activities.

Introducing Training Tokens

The MetaSoccer team has also added training tokens to the gameplay. These tokens are merely an in-game asset, with the main purpose of allowing players to access different drills. As a result, these will improve the player's abilities.

The Training tokens will accumulate in the user’s wallet, appearing next to the $MSU and $MSC tokens. By clicking on the Plus sign next to the tokens, the player will gain access to the store and exchange the Training tokens for new abilities.

At present, players can only buy the Training tokens from the marketplace in exchange for 50 $MSC. The development team is working on creating new ways for players to earn Training tokens.

These tokens will allow players to buy new types of training exercises. These include attack, defense, mental, and physical. These training exercises are divided into two categories;

  • Drills that provide extra results and boost the skill improvements of players. 
  • Drills that particularly focus on the key abilities for specific player positions and roles

With this, users will be able to view the cost per player of these drills. They can view the special skills players possess and what will be the added percentage of improvement.

By adding the skills and drills in the Training Sheet, users will be able to see the Training tokens required. At the end of the training, players that have undergone training will have better skills and abilities.

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