Midnight Society Reveals Snapshot Updates For Deadrop

The Snapshot VII event showcases their commitment to a unique and immersive experience for the community.

Oct 24, 2023
by Michael
Midnight Society Reveals  Snapshot Updates For Deadrop

Midnight Society, headed by renowned YouTube personality Herschel Beahm’ Dr. Disrespect’, has unveiled Snapshot VII progress in Las Vegas for its first-person shooter game, Deadrop.

Testing The New Deadrop Event 

The program took place at the HyperX Arena, changing the Luxor hotel’s casino to an eSports space. 

Spectators in the game saw a live display of Deadrop with the head and other individuals testing out the new features. The Snapshot has a high-speed car battle to spice up the mechanics. Players can leave their ‘Hideout’ garage to the battlefield to enjoy combat and other forms of tactics. 

Midnight Society Wants To Diversify Gameplay

In a comment, Quinn Delhoyo, co-founder of Midnight Society said, 

“When we set out to create Midnight Society, one of the things was we wanted to change and redefine the industry. We wanted to get the best in the industry talent, which we’ve talked about—the game team—and combine that with the very best community in gaming.”

Currently, players that have access to Deadrop’s Driver Key packages include those with early access passes and Founders NFT ownership. This package has car wraps, license plates, exotic crates with cosmetics, etc. 

Rob Bowling, Studio Head at Midnight Society, said, 

“At Midnight Society we are committed to user-generated content (UGC) and player freedom. Players can create their own game modes, including unique experiences like a car-centric “Capture the Flag” mode. We also use various monetization methods, respecting different player preferences.”

Although the Dev team made the cars used in Deadrop, there may be possibility of exotic cars later in the future. The use of high speed card and immersive game play is a testament to the growing influence of Deadrop on web3 enthusiasts. The Studio is committed to providing quality experience for creators and users. 

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