Midnight Society Unveils Deadrop Drivers Key Package

Midnight Society, the brains behind Deadrop, introduces Drivers Key Packages. These bundles provide pre-alpha game access and exclusive items, including legendary vehicle wraps and license plates.

Oct 8, 2023
by Michael
Midnight Society Unveils Deadrop Drivers Key Package

Midnight Society, the visionary developer behind the much-anticipated vertical extraction shooter, Deadrop, is rolling out a unique opportunity for gamers. The introduction of Drivers Key Packages not only offers an exclusive sneak peek into the game but also brings some swag to the table.

Deadrop presents a thrilling dystopian narrative set in a future where colossal arcologies extract toxins from the air and transform them into a highly sought-after and addictive substance known as Space Dust. This substance, apart from its intoxicating properties, serves as the game's currency.

In the world of Deadrop, players engage in heart-pounding runs to accumulate loot within a limited time frame. The ultimate objective is to reach the extraction point before the clock runs out while navigating treacherous terrains and dealing with adversaries.

Snapshot Releases: A Unique Approach

Deadrop adopts an unconventional approach to its release plans. Instead of traditional game launches, they introduce a new snapshot of the current development build every three months. These Snapshot releases not only provide early previews of the game to supporters but also open avenues for valuable feedback during the ongoing development process.

Currently, Deadrop access is limited to those with a Founder's Pass or a Tower Key. Tower Keys are account-bound items, not available for purchase. Founder's Passes can be obtained on Open Sea, but their floor price exceeds $350. These passes also double as Profile Picture Frames (PFPs), each being a unique and generative NFT, adding to their allure.

Despite being in the pre-alpha, early access stage, Deadrop has garnered favorable reviews from streamers who've had a taste of the game.

Drivers Key Packages: Access and Swag Galore

Now, let's delve into what makes the Drivers Key Packages an exciting proposition for gamers and Deadrop enthusiasts alike. With the upcoming Deadrop Snapshot VII slated for release on October 20th, these packages offer an array of exclusive items and in-game privileges:

1. Four Unique Packages: Gamers can choose from four distinct packages - Dr. Disrepect, Hotshot, Deadrop, and Midnight. Each package includes a legendary vehicle wrap, a legendary license plate, five exotic crates, and pre-alpha game access.

2. Tradable Legendary Items: The legendary vehicle wraps and license plates featured in these packages will become tradable once Deadrop introduces its marketplace. This creates an ecosystem where players can trade these unique items, further enriching the gaming experience.

3. Exotic Crates: Inside the exotic crates, players will discover various items to customize their characters, ranging from different weapons to character clothing. These crates become a treasure trove for those looking to personalize their in-game personas.

4. Pricing: The cost of these packages is competitively set at $29.98 (USD) for Dr. Disrepect, Hotshot, Deadrop, and Midnight. Purchasing all four Driver Key Packages will grant a one-time bonus of ten exotic crates.

5. Supporting Developer: By investing in a Drivers Key Package, players not only gain access to exclusive content but also contribute to the game's ongoing development. Such financial support plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of Deadrop.

6. Early Access Pass: For those seeking a more economical option, an early access game pass is available for just $9.99. The checkout process is streamlined through Stripe, offering convenience to buyers.

In conclusion, the Drivers Key Packages represent an exciting opportunity for gamers to dive into the thrilling world of Deadrop. With exclusive items, early access, and the chance to be part of Deadrop's development journey, these packages offer more than just gaming - they offer an experience.

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