Mines of Dalarnia Reveals New Changes for Replenishment Capsules Coming in Terraformed Update

With the upcoming Terraformed update, the Mines of Dalarnia team is introducing 14 different replenishment capsules while removing the fixed DAR fee for landowners.

Nov 11, 2023
by Dragan
Mines of Dalarnia Reveals New Changes for Replenishment Capsules Coming in Terraformed Update

The studio working on Mines of Dalarnia, a blockchain adventure mining game, has revealed new details on the changes being made for Replenishment Capsules in the upcoming Terraformed update.

What Are Replenishment Capsules?

Replenishment capsules are items used for refilling land plots with resources. As players continuously mine resources on various lands, those plots get depleted, requiring landowners to make use of these capsules in order to replenish their plot and have players continue digging in their plots.

New Changes

With the upcoming economy update, there will be 14 different capsules to choose from, split in 3 categories: 6 Standard capsules, 5 Deeper Depths capsules, and 3 Event capsules.

Every capsule now has a minimum Power Level (PL) and varying resource frequency, now completely refilling digs left instead of resources left. The maximum number of digs has been adjusted to 50 to enable cheaper deployment, which the developers consider to be a better approach as it makes it possible for owners to “adapt faster to demand on resources.”

When a capsule is used, digs already opened will not be affected, allowing the player to continue using their dig even if a different capsule was used to replenish the land than before.

The Deeper Depths capsules will be acquirable by landowners through paying an upgrade fee, which will not be included straight away when the update launches. This upgrade is planned to make its way to the game a few weeks after the anticipated update, but if you already have land with Deeper Depths, then you will have the option to use such capsules right from release.

Replenishment costs will now work in such a way so that a capsule is paid using the same resources you’d like to replenish. This means that if you want a capsule replenishing copper and iron on your land, then you’ll have pay for the capsule using those same resources.

There will be no more fixed DAR fees for landowners, meaning holders no longer have to pay the minimum 1 DAR. Instead, the official post states that a landowner will be charged 10% of the rent as a project fee whenever players rent digs in their plot. In order to avoid the abuse of resource prices, a minimum rent price will be set for each depth in the first month, ranging from 0.1 DAR for the PL1 capsule to 1 DAR for PL12+ capsules.

Thanks to the upcoming update, the developers will be able to have a dynamic economy that allows them to revise various parts of the game at the beginning of every month, including things such as replenishment capsule prices, minimum rent price for every depth, and more.

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