Mines of Dalarnia Shares a Full Preview of Update 1.1: Deeper Depths

In Version 1.1, players can expect more challenging mines in deeper depths, with new resources and equipment available.

Oct 26, 2022
by Akira Ming
Mines of Dalarnia Shares a Full Preview of Update 1.1: Deeper Depths

The Deeper Depths in Mines of Dalarnia are launching tomorrow

Chromia Studios, the creator of Mines of Dalarnia (MoD), has confirmed that the game's long-awaited build - Update 1.1: Deeper Depths - is going live on October 27th. With that, the team has shared a full preview of it, giving players an overall insight into Deeper Depths. 

Since August, the team has released snippets of information about Version 1.1, including new mines, resources, and equipment to come. As Deeper Depths feature new exciting gameplay, here are a few notable changes to pay attention to: 

New Resources

Gold, Aquarite, and Ragnarite are the three new resources in MoD. Despite being higher-tier, these resources will drop at a higher rate than Ozymodium (Ozy). Nonetheless, all resources will remain tradeable on DEX. 

New Equipment Tiers

With new resources comes new equipment for Miners. The table above shows the new equipment's Starting and Max Power levels (PL) crafted from three different resources. 

To get Golden Picks and Armor, make sure you have Gold, Stellar Shards, and 6 Silver Dust. To get Aquarite and Ragnarite Picks and Armor, make sure you have Gold, Aquarite or Ragnarite resources, and Ozy Dust. 

Gold, Aquarite, and Ragnarite can be obtained from the Gilded Mine, Crystal Caverns, and Storm Tunnels, respectively. 

New Mines

As shown above, Gilded Mines are located in Depth 4, which requires at least Power Level (PL) 12 to enter. Crystal Caverns and Storm Tunnels are the deepest mines in Depth 5, which require at least PL15 to access. 

Both depths are way more challenging than the existing levels, as they feature upgraded maps with new monsters and dangerous hazards. For that reason, healing Helper-Bots are available in Depth 4 and 5 to help Miners survive. 

New Monsters

The deeper mines will include two new types of monsters: Stalks and Burrowers. Each has three different variants based on the plot's Aspect: Rock, Crypt, or Jungle. 

Environmental Hazards

The new hazards in Depth 5 are none other than falling stalactites, exploding poison gas pods, and dripping toxic slime. No pressure, Miners. No pressure at all. 

Gold-Plated Injector

To add these new depths to your plot, you will need a Gold-Plated Injector. Each injector will permanently add two new mines to the plot: The Gilded Mine and the Crystal Caverns or Storm Tunnels. 

According to the team, six injectors will be auctioned on October 26th via the new Mines of Dalarnia Marketplace. More injectors will be available over time, up to 1,000 in total. 

An Equipment Upgrade System using Dust

Instead of upgrading equipment via combines, all Picks and Armor after Update 1.1 will be upgraded via a new resource category called Dust. 

According to the team, each resource has its own Dust, such as Copper Dust, Silver Dust, Iron Dust, etc. Dust can be obtained by burning (or dusting) Armor and Picks. For instance, if you burn Copper Armor and Picks, you will get Copper Dust in return. 

The table above shows the equipment upgrade cost in Dust and the amount of Dust to be returned from burning different levels of equipment. 

Given that, all existing Copper, Iron, Silver and Ozy Armor and Picks will be denoted as "Original" equipment and cannot be crafted or upgraded after Version 1.1 goes live. Original Equipment can still be worn, traded, or dusted for its full value in Dust, based on the following table: 

On top of that, there are several minor upgrades, such as an increased Miner Rank cap, XP rewards, Maximum Power Level, and more in Update 1.1. For more details, check out the official post here

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