Mini Royale Nations to Kick Off Blockchain-Powered Clan Wars Jackpot

Mini Royale is all set to introduce a new leaderboard reward mechanism that will be sustainable, transparent, and automated for its weekly Clan Wars event

Dec 4, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Mini Royale Nations to Kick Off Blockchain-Powered Clan Wars Jackpot

Faraway is intended to continually push the norms of Web3 game creation as pioneers in the open economy gaming industry. Mini Royale has recently introduced the first in-game direct minting tool and The Mini Royale Fusion Lab. Moreover, Clan Wars, a weekly in-game event, is also live. In Clan Wars, players form clans and perform quests to earn rewards from the Clan Wars leaderboard.

 About Clan Wars

Basically, Clan Wars are regular leaderboard events in which Clans accomplish Raids and stake game items for Economic Points. It will, once a month, use a big brain strategy to develop and defend its cities in World Domination mode against opposing Clan missile strikes. 

Moreover, Clan Wars are an important aspect of Mini Royale. Each week's Clan War features intense battles and rivalries amongst the game's most powerful clans. The ones who finish top on the leaderboard after every Clan War get rewards such as:

  • Battle Pass points, 
  • $BUTTER (the Mini Royale off-chain game token), 
  • item shards, and more

 How will you Recieve Clan Wars Jackpot?

Mini Royale will offer 1 unique Premium skin each week, significantly boosting that week's Clan War. Given this, players can acquire the featured skin by paying a modest price in SOL to open a treasure box and get a randomized quantity of skin shards. 

The mechanism also grants access to shards of all Season 4 Premium hero skins in addition to the weekly featured skin. After collecting all of the shards of the featured skin, a player may summon their new hero in The Lab and prepare them for Clan Wars.

It is when the Jackpot comes into play. A portion of the SOL paid by all players to get these skins by opening the treasure box will be sent straight to the Clan Wars Jackpot. The sum will then be automatically allocated among the top Clans and Individuals on the weekly leaderboard. The Season 4 Clan Wars SOL Jackpot will start in December 2022.

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