Mirandus Firebrand Noble Steeds Set to Launch on December 12

The first set of Noble Steeds horses has a supply of 1310, and any unclaimed mounts will end up getting burned. They are split into 5 different rarities: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Ancient, and come with some whopping price tags.

Dec 10, 2022
by Dragan
Mirandus Firebrand Noble Steeds Set to Launch on December 12

The Mirandus team has announced that the Firebrand Noble Steeds will be arriving on Monday, December 12.

Firebrands represent the first Noble Steeds to be going on sale. They’ll be available for purchase for a limited time as NFTs in 5 different rarities: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Ancient. 

Noble Steeds are a special type of horse and the only kind of horse that can be revived. They differ from regular horses in other ways as well. Noble Steeds avoid aging, as well as dying from natural causes, but they also get a Stable for free, can breed “to create new foals”,  and they inspire “awe into the townsfolk where’ere ye be.” Details on Stables will be revealed in the future, but as for breeding, there’s an exception. Breeding only applies to Rare, Epic, Legendary and Ancient Noble Steeds, so if you want to breed, you’ll have to have two NFTs, a male and female Noble Steed, belonging to one of these rarities in order to successfully breed them. The ones that are going on sale, Firebrands, are one type of noble steed that is “tied to elemental flame.”  

A ‘special’ 24-hour whitelist sale for Stable owners and Human – Rise of the North Exemplars holders will take place on the day, with the exact time set to be announced in the “Mirandus Announcements” channel on the official Discord server of Gala Games. The items previously mentioned will have to be located in the wallet of your Gala account in order to be eligible for the whitelist.

The total supply of Firebrands is 1310, split as follows: 

  • 500 Uncommon Stallions – 25 to Founder Node’s operators
  • 500 Rare (250 Stallions + 250 Mares) – 16 to Founder Node’s operators
  • 250 Epic (125 Stallions + 125 Mares) –  4 to Founder’s Node operators
  • 50 Legendary (25 Stallions + 25 Mares) – 1 to Founder’s Node operators
  • 10 Ancient (5 Stallions + 5 Mares) – 0 to Founder’s Node operators

The node distribution will take place on the same day.

It will be possible to purchase with a credit card, with a daily limit of $5k. A total of 2 Uncommon Noble Steeds can be purchased per account. As for the prices of these Firebrands, well, you may want to take a deep breath first. Here are the prices:

  • Uncommon: $75
  • Rare: $2,500
  • Epic: $15,000      
  • Legendary: $75,000
  • Ancient: $250,000

No typo on these prices. Those are certainly some large numbers, to say the least. 

All unclaimed horses will end up getting burned. You can find more information on these mounts in the official post here.

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