Mobox's Clash of Moland is Now Open for Beta Testing: Here's the Scoop

Can't get enough of Clash of Moland? The open Beta will feature more rewards and richer gameplay for everyone this round.

Sep 9, 2022
by Akira Ming
Mobox's Clash of Moland is Now Open for Beta Testing: Here's the Scoop

Mobox has kicked off an open Beta testing for Clash of Moland

After having a successful Alpha test, blockchain MMO Clash of Moland is now ready for an open Beta test on Mobox. The exciting event will run for two weeks until September 21st, at 3:00 AM (UTC). Let's find out what the rewards are and how to join the Beta program this time. 

Similar to the Alpha build, players can either click on the "Clash of Moland" section on the homepage or log in via the MOBOX app to access it. The only difference is that you must have real MBOX and MEC tokens to access the Beta title. According to the team, they will refund all MBOX and MEC spent on the game at the end of the Beta test. 

Other than that, the seasonal reward pool will increase up to 3,000 MBOX at max. The same goes for the leaderboard reward pool, which will go up to 60,000 MEC. This is 5x more than those offered during the Alpha test. To get a share of it, players must make it to the top 300 in any of the three leaderboards available: Prosperity, Prestige, and Arena. 

What's new in Clash of Moland? 

Clash of Moland is the latest base-builder MMO in the Mobox ecosystem. Players can build their empires, manage their resources, and conquer other territories to earn more. In this Beta test, there are several changes to the game itself: 

  1. Castle: The team has added Medical Center, a new building to treat injured soldiers. 
  2. World: Removed Instances and added more No Lord City with City Buff. Players can also rely on the World terrain to defend against enemies.
  3. Heroes: The team has redesigned the skills of all heroes. 
  4. Alliance: There will be no more faction restrictions. Players can join any alliance they want. 
  5. Events: There will be three new limited-time events - Harvest Time, Clarion Call, and Siege of the City.
  • Harvest Time: Allow players to get double rewards while collecting resources.
  • Clarion Call: Allow players to get double rewards when battling against Orc Marauders. 
  • Siege of the City: Members of the alliance who conquered designated No Lord Cities will receive juicy rewards. 

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