MonkeyCup Tournament Crowns BLiTZ as Web3 Gaming's New Champion

In a landmark event for Web3 gaming, BLiTZ has been crowned the first-ever champion of the MonkeyCup Tournament, signifying a new era in the competitive gaming landscape.

Jul 7, 2023
by Anvi Saini
MonkeyCup Tournament Crowns BLiTZ as Web3 Gaming's New Champion

The MonkeyCup Tournament: A Game-Changer in the Web3 Arena

The MonkeyCup Tournament, a pioneering event in the Web3 gaming world, has successfully concluded, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of online gaming. The tournament, which spanned an intense month of competition, saw 64 competitors from around the globe vying for the top spot. These players showcased their strategic prowess and gaming skills, leading to a thrilling Final Four showdown.

The Final Four matches were a spectacle of strategy and skill, with each player demonstrating their mastery of the game. The tension reached its peak in a sudden-death round that separated the first and second-place players. This decisive round was a testament to the competitive spirit of the tournament and the high stakes involved.

After an intense month of competition, 64 competitors were whittled down to a Final Four that duked it out across three final matches to see who among them would walk away with the top prize. As a reminder, the top four prizes are: 

  • 1st Place: $2,000 worth of MBS and Signed AC Milan gear + ACM MonkeyNFT! 
  • 2nd Place: $1,000 worth of MBS and Signed AC Milan gear + ACM MonkeyNFT! 
  • 3rd: $500 worth of MBS + an ACM MonkeyNFT 
  • 4th: $500 worth of MBS + an ACM MonkeyNFT 

All other competitors will be awarded prizes based on their final placement in the tournament: 

  • 5th-8th: $200 worth of MBS 9th-16th: $100 worth of MBS 
  • 17th-32nd: $75 worth of MBS 
  • 33rd — 64th: $50 worth of MBS 

Blitz: The First-Ever MonkeyCup Champion

In a triumphant victory, BLiTZ emerged as the first-ever MonkeyCup Champion. This significant achievement not only earns BLiTZ the prestige of the title but also a lucrative prize package. The rewards include $2,000 in MBS, signed AC Milan gear, and a unique AC Milan MonkeyAthlete NFT, further enhancing the value of this victory.

The MonkeyCup Tournament, hosted by MonkeyLeague, represents a new wave of turn-based, Web3 soccer games that combine simplicity with complexity. The tournament offered a range of prizes for the top competitors, with all participants receiving a reward based on their final placement.

The MonkeyLeague community is already buzzing with anticipation for future tournaments, competitions, and challenges. All MonkeyBucks prizes will be distributed on Sunday, July 9th.

About MonkeyLeague and UnCaged Studios

MonkeyLeague is the first in a franchise of turn-based, Web3 soccer games. Players can build their dream team of MonkeyAthletes, compete in matches and tournaments, and climb the MonkeyLeagues.

UnCaged Studios, the driving force behind MonkeyLeague, is pioneering high-quality, fun-first Web3 gaming. With over a hundred years of combined experience, the studio is creating immersive gaming experiences with sustainable economies through its platform, Game OS.

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