MonkeyLeague Unveils Alpheta Version: Everything You Need to Know

MonkeyLeague is set to enhance turn-based soccer gaming with the release of its Alpheta Version, introducing a variety of new features and improvements.

Jul 30, 2023
by Anvi Saini
MonkeyLeague Unveils Alpheta Version: Everything You Need to Know

What exactly is the Alpheta Version?

MonkeyLeague, a leading turn-based, web3 soccer game, is gearing up for a significant update. The upcoming Alpheta Version, set to be released on July 31st, promises to bring a host of new features and surprises that are sure to captivate the gaming community.

Following the successful release of the AC Milan Alpha Version, MonkeyLeague is moving closer to its Beta launch. The Alpheta Version is packed with updates that aim to enhance the gaming experience and keep players on their toes. This release signifies a new era for MonkeyLeague, as it continues to innovate and redefine the landscape of turn-based soccer gaming.

Revamped Features and Enhancements

One of the key features of the Alpheta Version is the introduction of the Buff/Debuff System. This new system spices up the gameplay strategy by introducing elements like Momentum, Hold, Fatigue, and Press. These elements can boost or weaken a Monkey's stats, adding a new layer of strategy to the game. This system is set to change the dynamics of gameplay, offering players a more engaging and challenging experience.

The Alpheta Version also introduces four unique fields for players to compete on, including Backyard, Downtown Central, Metro Station, and Mojo Stadium. Each field offers a unique environment, adding variety and excitement to every match.

Moreover, players can now participate in tournaments directly from the app, competing with others to climb the leaderboard and win big rewards. This feature brings a competitive edge to the game, encouraging players to hone their skills and strategies.

Another significant update is the introduction of the Energy System. Players will receive a daily allotment of energy to play matches as they, please. This system ensures fair play and adds another strategic element to the game.

Furthermore, the Alpheta Version brings improvements to the MonkeyAI, making it more strategic and capable of prioritizing actions and determining when a change in strategy is needed. This enhanced AI promises to offer players a more challenging and unpredictable gaming experience.

Visual enhancements, new cinematics, and an updated UX/UI design further elevate the gaming experience. The updated visuals and cinematics add a touch of flair to the game, while the revamped UX/UI design ensures a smooth and intuitive gaming experience.

In conclusion, the Alpheta Version of MonkeyLeague is set to bring a new level of excitement and strategy to turn-based soccer gaming. With its innovative features and improvements, MonkeyLeague continues to push the boundaries of web3 gaming. The future of turn-based soccer gaming is here, and it's more thrilling than ever.

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