MonkeyTournaments: A New Competitive Feature in MonkeyLeague

MonkeyLeague has announced the arrival of MonkeyTournaments, a fast-paced feature that allows players to compete, earn points, and win prizes. The new addition aims to elevate the gaming experience and foster community engagement.

Aug 3, 2023
by Anvi Saini
MonkeyTournaments: A New Competitive Feature in MonkeyLeague

MonkeyLeague, a turn-based Web3 soccer skill game, is excited to announce the arrival of MonkeyTournaments. This new feature allows players to take their playtime to the next level, competing against others in a fast-paced environment that rewards skill and helps players climb the ranks.

During a tournament, players have a set amount of time to play matches and collect Tournament Points by scoring goals. The more they play, the more points they earn, leading to higher positions on the leaderboard. Additionally, community milestones can unlock more rewards, and the collective earning of points can increase the prize pool.

How Do MonkeyTournaments Work? A Closer Look at the Mechanics

Earning Points: Players earn points based on goals scored, with future tournaments having different objectives like the number of wins.

Field Multipliers: Players can increase the intensity by playing on a Field featuring a Multiplier, which can multiply their points. Choosing the right Field can make a significant difference in the final score.

Community Prize Pool: Playing and earning points not only helps individual scores but also raises the community prize pool, fostering a sense of collaboration.

Easy Sign-Up: Participating in MonkeyTournaments is simple, requiring registration in the MonkeyLeague Alpha, linking an account, downloading the game, and playing matches during a tournament.

Future Prospects

MonkeyTournaments mark a significant addition to MonkeyLeague, offering players a new way to engage, compete, and win prizes. The first tournament, The Golden Tournament, kicks off on August 1st, running for 48 hours and challenging players to rack up the most Tournament Points, with the top 30 players splitting a prize pool of up to $1,000 MBS.

With regular tournaments planned for the future, MonkeyTournaments promises to be an exciting and rewarding feature that adds a competitive edge to the game. It's not just about playing; it's about climbing the ranks, showing off skills, and earning glory in the land of MonkeyLeague.

MonkeyTournaments is more than a feature; it's a community-driven experience that brings players together, fosters competition, and adds a new layer of excitement to the world of MonkeyLeague.

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