Monster Breeding: Release Event and Exciting Games Updates

The Monster Hunt team will be unleashing The Primus, the first batch of bred monsters, at 4 a.m. UTC on December 8, 2022. Further, it contains the first 22 Artificial Monsters created by Genesis Monsters.

Nov 29, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Monster Breeding: Release Event and Exciting Games Updates

Blockchain Monster Hunt announces one of their game's most significant new features: BREEDING.

Monster Breeding is launching two events to commemorate the formal release of the first AR monster breeding batch.

The New Multiversal Driving Force- Event 1

  • 150,000 BCMC in prize money
  • Timeline: From 4 a.m. UTC on December 8, 2022, to 4 a.m. UTC on February 8, 2022 

 Within two months of Monster Breeding's release date, all gamers that effectively breed one AR from a GS2 and one AR from a GS1 will split a 200,000 BCMC reward pool. Given that, each address is counted once, and breeding activities must be performed on that account. 

The Master Breeder- Event 2

  • Award pool: One prize of 50,000 BCMC
  • Timeline: First come, first served.

 The player who successfully grows all 22 AR monsters from The Primus batch first will get 50,000 BCMC. Further, the monster breeding operation must be carried out on the same account. 

Snow will cover one of the islands of Monster Hunt on Christmas Eve, according to Kouri, the Ice Kingdom's ambassador. CHARACTER SKIN NFTs have also been introduced to keep courageous hunters and trainers warm this winter. Moreover, these NFTs are only available this season. 

You must collect as many non-NFTs as possible to get CHARACTER SKIN NFTs. It will be dropped as fight and mission rewards rather than spread about the landscape.

New Anti-Inflation Setting

 In the medium post, the Monster Hunt team shared that Mystery Boxes will no longer be dropped as PvE rewards from December 5 until further notice to avoid inflation. Mascot Monsters will, therefore, only be accessible to users on the Spin2Win wheel of fate at Block Zero. Non-NFT Items will also be transferred solely to Block Zero minigame prizes and PvE instead of being created randomly on the map.

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