Monsterra Launches MonsHub on Android With 5 Limited Time Events

MonsHub is a free play-and-earn title consisting of various casual games, now live on Android devices with 5 limited time events.

Oct 5, 2023
by Dragan
Monsterra Launches MonsHub on Android With 5 Limited Time Events

The Monsterra team has officially launched MonsHub, a collection of simple mobile games, on Android via the Google Play Store, marking the release with 5 limited time events.

What Is MonsHub?

MonsHub is a free play-and-earn collection of casual games, now live on mainnet for players to enjoy on Android devices.

According to the announcement, there are 4 simple games that players can compete in for crypto rewards: Minesweeper, Basketball, Rabbit Nurturing, and Flip & Match.

Limited Time Events

There are 5 limited time events that players can participate in, 4 of which end on October 19th, while one ends on October 12th.

MSTR Spending Event

By reaching certain MSTR spending milestones until October 19th, players have a chance of earning rewards such as tickets that provide access to minigames. The milestones are as follows:

  • Spend 50 MSTR: 5 tickets + 10K Chips
  • Spend 150 MSTR: 10 tickets + 50K Chips
  • Spend 350 MSTR: 15 tickets + 100K Chips
  • Spend 550 MSTR: 20 tickets + 200K Chips
  • Spend 750 MSTR: 20 tickets + 500K Chips + 10 Eggs
  • Spend 1000 MSTR: 25 tickets + 1M Chips + 20 Eggs

Daily Login Event

Login every day to make up streaks long enough to earn through all 4 prize tiers: 50k Chips for 1 day, 5 tickets for 3 days, 1 million Chips for 5 days, and 10 tickets for logging in 7 days straight. This event ends on October 19th.

Increase Level Contest & Super Rabbit Contest

In the Increase Level contest, which ends on October 19th, the goal is to level up to 15 in order to earn from 4 reward milestones. By reaching level 4, you’ll be awarded 20k chips, while level 7 gives you 5 Eggs, level 10 comes with 300k Chips, and level 15 gives you 10 tickets.

The goal of the Super Rabbit contest is to be one of the top 4 players to unlock the highest-level rabbit to earn MSTR and tickets, with the winner earning 500 MSTR and 10 tickets.

  • Top 1: 500 MSTR + 10 tickets
  • Top 2: 300 MSTR + 7 tickets
  • Top 3: 200 MSTR + 5 tickets
  • Top 4: 100 MSTR + 3 tickets

Master of Minigames Event

The only event that ends on October 12th, this one tasks players with playing as many minigame matches as possible before the event ends in order to rank as one of the top 10 to earn rewards. The top 3 receive MSTR and tickets, while those who rank from 4th to 10th get 5 tickets each.

  • Top 1: 200 MSTR + 15 tickets
  • Top 2: 150 MSTR + 10 tickets
  • Top 3: 100 MSTR + 7 tickets
  • Top 4 - 10: 5 tickets

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