Moonville Farms Alpha 1.5 Update ; Everything You Need To Know

Moonville Farms Alpha has new features and functions in the Alpha 1.5 update. An increase in worker speed is one of the biggest changes in the farming game. Other changes included in the update will help the players get a better overall playing experience.

Nov 17, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Moonville Farms Alpha 1.5 Update ; Everything You Need To Know

Moonville Farms is releasing its upgrade, the Alpha 1.5 version, with a motive to enhance the player’s experience. With the upgrade, the players will experience better worker speed. But this comes with a caveat. To benefit from the worker speed, the players have to connect the Transport Node to each other and a Cargo Station. However, if a player sells the Cargo Station, the speed bonus won’t work. 

Other Notable Changes to the Moonville Farms

Besides the worker speed bonus, a few other updates are noteworthy with the Moonville Farms Alpha version. These are;

  • The players will get better worker feedback and additional information about the buildings. 
  • To know the proximity effects, the players can select a tile and access this information. 
  • In case the proximity effect slows down the production, the player will get a notification while placing buildings. 
  • Within the game, the players will get a notification if they are about to go bankrupt.
  • Daily Missions UI tweaks
  • Extra tooltips on resources - Each resource now has a tooltip that displays additional information about it
  • Ocean proximity positive effects - The Moonwood Furnace and the Moonflakes Shredder now get benefits depending on their proximity to the ocean
  • Various art fixes
  • Added tutorial images

In addition to this, there will be daily UI tweaks to provide an intuitive experience. Along with this, the players will notice differences in the Trade Screen Rework. Now every resource comes with extra tooltips that display additional information. The loading failed notifications will also show the reason for the failure. 

The players will now experience the positive effects of Ocean Proximity. In particular, the Moonwood Furnace and Moonflakes Shredder will get the benefits of proximity to the ocean. Moreover, there are visible changes to a group of artworks. 

The team behind Moonville Farms Alpha concurs that the majority of the changes focus on improving the overall user experience. With these updates, the users will get better clarity on how to play the game.

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