MOOW Announces Beta Launch and Unveils TGE Details

MOOW, a prominent player in the digital space, has announced the beta launch of its platform and highlighted the Token Generation Event (TGE) details.

Aug 6, 2023
by Anvi Saini
MOOW Announces Beta Launch and Unveils TGE Details

MOOW, a rising name in the digital ecosystem, recently held its MOOW SHOW #8, where it unveiled several significant updates and announcements for its community.

Beta Launch: A New Dawn for MOOW

MOOW has confirmed that its platform's beta phase will commence on the 7th of August, 2023. As part of the transition to this phase, all level-ups, TICs, and HB will undergo a final wipe.

MOOW will distribute NFT airdrops under four distinct scenarios:

  1. Allocation Role holders, such as OG, Mint Pass, Moderator, Guild Leads, etc.
  2. Unique Design Role holders.
  3. MOO token holders.
  4. Participants in the $TAC Raffle.

To ensure smooth distribution, MOOW has provided a Carma form for users to fill out, which will close on August 6th at 13:00 UTC.

MOOW has engaged in extensive dialogues regarding the transfer of rewards from Alpha Phase 1 and Alpha Phase 2. MOO holders are advised to transfer a minimum of 1 MOO to their MOOW-connected wallet to be eligible for the x1.5 $TIC multiplier.

$TAC Token Vesting and Listing

MOOW has outlined the distribution plan for the $TAC token:

  • 20% on the day of the TGE.
  • A 2-month cliff.
  • The remaining amount will be distributed linearly over 9 months (8.88% per month).

In a significant shift, MOOW has decided to list the $TAC Token on decentralized exchanges (DEX) like Pancakeswap, instead of centralized exchanges (CEX) or launchpads. This decision stems from the current bear market conditions and the high fees associated with CEX listings.

Q&A Highlights

Several questions were addressed during the session, including:

  • The availability of free trackers.
  • The cooldown is associated with transferring MOOW Boxes in-game.
  • The distribution principle of the TAC pool.
  • Liquidity plans for trading on Pancake.
  • The potential introduction of MOO staking.

MOOW continues to engage with its community, providing updates and ensuring transparency in its operations. With the beta launch on the horizon, the platform is poised for significant growth and user engagement.

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