Move-to-Earn App WalkN is Launching Soon: Here's the Scoop

WalkN app is a new move-to-earn project that is set to launch in July. Let's dig in!

Jun 28, 2022
by Akira Ming
Move-to-Earn App WalkN is Launching Soon: Here's the Scoop

What you need to know about WalkN's upcoming launch

If you are looking for the next move-to-earn project, here's one coming your way. On the 1st of July, the new Web3 fitness app WalkN will launch an App Testers Program to the public. Those who completed the test will receive NFTs and $WALKN - the governance token of the project, as a reward. However, the application is not open yet. The team will reveal more details in the coming days. 

Other than that, those who took part in the IGO of $WALKN tokens are in for a treat! Starting from June 27th, holders can stake $WALKN tokens and enjoy a whopping 72% APY in the first month of staking. What's more, depending on the staking amount, holders can even get a sneaker NFT at the end of their staking period. See below: 

  • Min 50k $WALKN staked: Eligible for WALKN Walker NFT
  • Min 100k tokens staked: Eligible for WALKN Jogger NFT
  • Min 150k tokens staked: Eligible for WALKN Runner NFT
  • Min 200k tokens staked: Eligible for WALKN Trainer NFT

On top of that, the team is planning to launch 4,444 Genesis WalkN NFTs through one of the NFT platforms on Binance Smart Chain. This will help kick off the project in style. Again, details are scarce, but the team plans to disclose more when the time is right. 

What is WalkN? 

To begin with, WalkN is a move-to-earn Web3 fitness app in the making. Just like STEPN, users can walk/ jog/ run to earn $STEPS or $WALKN tokens as a reward. Similarly, users will need to own sneaker NFTs before they can start using the app. 

Looking at the mechanics though, WalkN works pretty much the same as STEPN. Within the app, users can upgrade their sneaker NFTs. Plus, they can also adjust the sneakers' attributes such as Efficiency, Resilience, Luck, and Comfortability to their liking. 

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